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Are there any good exercises for enlarging the glans?

Are there any good exercises for enlarging the glans?

I’m a newbie here and I’m very interested in PEing. However, I was just wondering if there were any exercises that help increase the glans size. Thanks.

From what I’ve read, jelq and ulis should help.



There is no replacement for displacement

Hello plowdag nice to meet you,

Check out sadsak’s head exercise in the PE Manual.

I do a mod on this. Using a single hand gripping with an overhand OK near the base (thats with your little finger furthest from the body and your palm facing down) on a 60% or less erection. Add to the grip one finger at a time until all your fingers are used (creating more pressure with each finger). Once you’ve held this for a while let go with the extra fingers leaving the OK grip in place, slightly loosen the grip and kegel in some more blood. Then repeat maybe 4 or 5 times.

Watch out, this is a serious exercise you should probably be jelqing for a month or two before you even attempt it and when you start take it easy and watch the expansion of surface veins to see if they look over stressed. This is a serious warning, there’s a tendancy to push it as a newbie which can easily result in injury. The penis changes dramatically in the first 3 months of jelqing becoming more used to the stresses.

Uli’s are a good excercise too (and also in the PE Archive) but the same warning applies.

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