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Anyone knows what happened to plasticman

Anyone knows what happened to plasticman and his broken suspensory ligament

I have read about plasticmans problems with his suspensory being weakend from IMO extreme pumping and his ED.

I think I have the same problem like he has from penile trauma with erect penis. I can maintain a pretty good erection standing or sitting down, but if I lay on my back my dick doesn’t point up like it used too, it just lies on my stomach, leg etc.

Just wanted to know if anybody has managed to strenghten their ligament over time?

I have also bought an electro stimulation machine that I have read about enhances recovery from this kind of injury together with some viagra to get the erections coming.

Anyone in the same boat?

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I would advice you don’t use electro-stimulator near penis.

If your ligs are fatigued or “loose” I think would be better stop PE for at least 2 weeks.

The best thing to do is a search here

Injuries / Treatments.


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