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Erection Problems: Has this happened to you??

Erection Problems: Has this happened to you??

This happened almost for weeks ago around January 4th. I was jelquing and I heard a faint snap or pop while in the middle of my excersise.

Since then, my erections have not been FULL like they used to. My erections were always very hard and would angle a bit upwards, with little ability to move in other directions due to being so hard.

NOW, my erections get about 75% as hard before Jan 4th incident, and they seem to be a lot more “loose” meaning I can wake up with a hard on and have it swinging.

It’s not discolored and I feel no pain, except knowing that one of my best qualities of my erection is now gone…Hopefully temporarily…

I’ve been so busy that I have not gone to the eurologist yet, ‘cause I figured it could have been a ligament or something that would heal on its own…Like I said, there’s been no pain or discoloration…I have not done any PE’ing since and it does not seem to be getting any better…

Something definitly happened since that last excersise…Anyone have an idea what I should do?


Seeing a eurologist would probably be best JYD. Since you still get erections, I’m sure it’s not too bad. Wouldn’t hurt to get a professional to look at it though.

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Were you erect jelqing when this happened? Here is an interesting thread that newbie started stating his opinion on the dangers of erect jelqing. I’ve been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.
I myself have erect jelqued to extreme pressures with out incident, but maybe I’m just lucky. One thing I have noticed from overboard erect jelqing or overboard extreme uli’s is the next day my dick sometimes will have impeded blood circulation (cold feeling when flaccid) and consequently from this it also will be shrunk down a little when flaccid.

My advice to you would be for you to leave your dick alone completely (except for sex) until it is back to normal. When I was in my early twenties I’m pretty sure that I did something similar by pushing my very rigid erection in a forceful downwards movement. I felt something (and heard something) give way. Up until that point I had very upwards pointing erections. I’m not too sure if that injury ever resolved itself, as I may have just become used to having a more straight out pointing erection from that point on.


Well, as soon as I can recover financially, I’m going to the eurologist. I believe there’s been some very slight improvement, however, not a full recovery and it’s been over a month. I’m still a little nervous that it could be permanent. My erections are still not getting to what they used to it seams.

For example, when I wake up with an erection, it swings more now…Like I said previously, it’s looser. I have masterbated since and those are not problem, however, it feels smaller in a sense and again, looser. No, its not in my head either. Trust me.

I need to have it looked at…Thanks for checking in with me on this…Let me know if you or anyone else thinks of anything else about this matter…

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