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Any suggestions, advices, edits to my program forgive my newbiness

Any suggestions, advices, edits to my program forgive my newbiness


I have been doing PE for about a month now, I paid 2 join a natural PE website called “”, it is said to be the 2nd best on the market or so after “” .
I’ve been doing their exercises 30 - 40min exercises 5days a week (3days on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off).

Reason I joined this forum, is to discuss and get additional info/ advices from other more experienced guys in PE. I’m really new to PE, and would like any help you guys can offer, comments/ Adjustments on my current program etc.

After 35days of PE, all I got was rock hard erections, lots of BIG veins.but no visible enlargements noticed I think, except very very minor flaccid gains.. I really got disappointed :( , bcuz people usually get some enlargements in a month?

My erect length is 17.8cm
Erect girth is 13.4cm
Flaccid is 11.5cm

My GOAL: is 20cm length ,and 15cm girth.

My Exercise Program is:

1)Hot towel warm- up (3min)
2)Stretch. Exercise (stretching the penis in erect state, eg left,right) (2min)
3)Length ex. (Ring around ERECT penis (tourniquet) base w/ 1 hand, sliding /w other.) (5min)
4)Jelq (7min)

5) 3 girth ex. (1 PER DAY)

Semi- Erect girth (ring around (torniquet) base w/ 1 hand, sliding /w other.) - this ex is like the #3, but it’s slower and more pressure. - (9mins)

Erect-Pressure squeeze ( same ring around base, now squeezing with other hand) - (9mins)
Erect-Flex squeeze (ring on base, squeezing + flexing PC muscle) - (9mins)

6)and finally PC exercises (20 reps of long holds of 70sec - 10sec)
8)Warm down (hot towel) (3-4min)

I’m kinda disappointed with no visible Erect enlargement gains, except minor flaccid gains, never before experienced rock hard erections AND HUGE VEINS.

I have seen some of the exercises on this web, but not sure if I should add 2 my current program?? Don’t want it to be too much.

Also does age have a big affection on PE?? I just turned 18 couple of months ago.

Thanks in advance, hope you guys forgive my NEWBINESS :)

Welcome Max

I advice you : read the Forum Guidelines for first; then, become a search-button addict; third, try newbie routine; 4th, read the more you can on this site.

Is your length erect? You are already big!

Good gains.

Originally Posted by Max18
…never before experienced rock hard erections AND HUGE VEINS.

…I just turned 18 couple of months ago.

Hello Max,

Welcome to Thunder. You are actually quite young, P.E will definitely get you a bigger penis. You just have to give it some time. You know some people at Thunder would kill just to have really hard erections. Consider yourself very lucky. So, get back to your P.E exercises.


P.S: You are already a big boy. Don’t make P.E your priority, there are other more exciting things in life than getting a big penis e.g getting some pussy.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Hey again :) !

Padawan thx for the motivationn :) ))

Do you think my P.E. Goals are realistic? 20cm length / 15girth

I know it is probably a silly question.. But how long do you think it might take 2 achieve +2.2cm in length and 1.6cm in girth.. Based on ur progress? I’ve been on many sites and different sites give different estimations.

Some say in as little as 1 week, some as long as 1 year to actually see gains. I’m just a little curious :) , I need to motivate myself to a certain duration. :)

Sorry to be a pain..

I know I’m young, but I thought 2 myself 1 day.. I’d like 2 reach these goals :) ..


Based on my progress, a lifetime.

Considering you are very young, should be less than 6 months. Anyways, everyone is different some can take years, but you have the youth factor that’s going to make the difference. Girth wise I don’t really know.

Take care man.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

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