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Any hope for the lazy PE-er

Any hope for the lazy PE-er

I am really lazy at PEing and get discourage because it’s so hard to gain size. Should I start with an extender and a clamping cause the jelqing is really hurts the skin.

An extender would be the way to go.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Maybe, TS. I think wearing an extender requires even more obstinacy than doing manual PE.

I’d advise against it until you can commit to at least a scaled down newbie routine. The first three months teach you a lot about your limits. I’d say no specifically to the clamping especially.

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If you’re gonna be lazy about it then you should just forget about it.

You’ll put in some time but not enough and probably won’t get any results which will be a REAL waste of time. Better to not bother at all.

Alternatively, man up, tell yourself you can make a commitment, and do it!

When I bought an ADS early in my PE adventure I found it helped keep me motivated and I would do the manual stuff more regularly, but overall it WAS more work, so it might help you.

I wouldn’t recommend clamping at this stage.


You say jelqing hurts your skin?

Are you doing your jelqs wet with good lubrication?

I’m cut and use a combination of vaseline and baby oil and occasionally baby gel, which is marvelous but slightly more expensive than the other two, and I’ve never had any skin issues with my intense jelqing sessions.

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