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Anti-curvation routine

I started out “straight as a pole” . A year ago while i was hanging, my hanger turned and in a few days time i realised that I had developed a curve to the left and also a angle shift from the base itself. If i stood bang in line with the pee pot and tried to pee hands free then Id end up peeing outside the pot.

This condition stayed with me for a while untill recently when my hanger turned again a couple of time while hanging sets . And guess what.. My dick has straightened up back to “straight as a pole” .

Walk slowly but never backwards.

I also have a left curve. Quite severe, perhaps 30°. Will be monitoring your thread closely. Hope that you find success

My two cents- I love them curved. If you’re a lefty, put her on her side, so that one leg goes between yours, and the other goes to your side, and use that left curve to hit the g-spot.

Some of the best sex I ever had was with someone with a curve. It was very, very fun. :) If you want to straiten it out for yourself, go for it, and enjoy it, but you were given a g-spot probe (just look at the dildos that curve in sex shops! All of them have G SPOT in huge letters on the box!), and they can be a lot of fun to ride. Just don’t feel bad about what you already have.

I have a curve to the left I’d say it was extreme. Although the advice given by miss lotus has been heard several times before I can’t help but thinking that the curve takes away from my length. Plus it’s pretty embarrassing when you whip it out. Has anyone cured an extreme curve? My non bone pressed penis goes straight out (north) for 2 inches and then the last the go in an north west direction. Can anyone help?

19th Feb 2012

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My only advice on top of what has been suggested so far is masturbate against the curve. I think that a lot of the flaccid stretches that are meant to get rid of curves help, but only to an extent. I have an upward curve myself, and whenever I start to notice it being any more prominant than I remember I do a variety of stretches against it, but I also whack off against it as well. After awhile it definitely looks better, so I stop. I think the way that I wear golf weights and jelq probably makes it even more curved. So its a long cycle haha

Originally Posted by phantasm
The ADS I have is supposed to help with curvature. In the manual it says that it will take 6 - 8 months of stretching.

As I am wearing it I can definately feel more tension on the right CC. In fact all the pull is there, as I run my fingers alongside. The left side feels quite slack.

The ADS is actually leaning to one side as well. I guess as the the CC expands on the right side, it will all straighten out.

I hope this helps.

I’ve noticed that even during erection I have a fatter left side. I’d like to even it all out.

Okay, I came home today and I finally thought of something that could fix minor curvature with some slight problems. I have a curve (when I’m looking down on my penis) it’s very slight to the left. When you’re looking at me, it’s to the right. Just making sure everyone knows which way it is because sometimes I have no idea what direction people are talking about. Anyway - this is still in the works and I only tried it a few times tonight, so any input would be greatly appreciated! I’ll get specific measurements of pieces and everything when I get back again.


One washcloth

Two pieces of aluminum foil

One shoe string

Step one: Wrap the washcloth around your unit until it is completely covered. It’s best to find one that goes around a little more than one whole time.

Step two: Take two pieces of aluminum foil, preferably of length that will go around between one and two times the circumference of your penis. Fold it over (aluminum foil is really wide, at least the type I used) and then wrap it around TIGHTLY. This gives a little bit of weight.

Step three: Bend your penis against the curve. Make sure it stays on it’s own without your hands holding it.

Step three: After you have a tight wrap, tie the shoelace near the base of your penis.

Any suggestions on what erection level this would be effective at? I was doing it when I was pretty flaccid so I could just hold my penis in the position against the curve, hoping to make the less bulky CC expand more and the built up CC scrunched up. I’ll add more soon, don’t worry! I know it sounds crazy, but hopefully with the help of people on here we can get a Straightener built.

This may just be all junk, and theory might prove it all wrong, but it’s worth a shot!

If this does nothing at all, the least it does is it REALLY warms everything up down there. It’s like putting a nice comfy jacket over your shaft, it insulates the heat very well.

A little while ago, I got to about 80% erection and did this wrap, it seemed to keep most of the blood in and everything stayed warm. Every 10 seconds I would kegel in some blood to make the head buldge pretty well to 90-100% erection.. Recently I’ve just been jelqing for length and girth, took a break from stretching. This made my penis feel pretty pumped up and all of this was done against my curve. I’ll try to improve more upon it and see if it helps straighten stuff out.

The washcloth gives a barrier between the foil, the foil provides a “skeleton” to give support to the penis and holds it in place quite well, the shoelace holds the blood inside. Simple enough? Again, please feel free to ask questions and give constructive critcism. Hope this sparks more conversation!

I was keeping the head exposed and showing just a little bit of the shaft because I was afraid of circulation problems. That way I could see if there was anything happening in that area, but it’s no good to have it all covered up. That was one of the downsides I noticed right away. I was trying to be very cautious, I only put it on for about 2 minutes when at 80%. I have never clamped before, but I was just experimenting hoping to give people ideas on curve correction.

Maybe take away the shoe string? Without it, I’d assume it still lets blood flow in and out but just holds everything against the curve. But you know what happens when you assume.

If anyone is trying this, do it at your own risk and listen to Thunder’s reply!

Does anyone have a slight curve when flaccid but it goes away when erect? Just curious.

On a side note.. Has anyone researched ESWT (Shock wave therapy) which is apparently painless and has cured curves..

Yet I’ve heard nothing about this on medical sites.. Just

I think someone just posted a thread about that. Search for it, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of information pertaining to that.

I would suggest doing V Stretches to stretch the shorter side of your dick. Worked for me.

Originally Posted by Leftie
I will order this Griptwist as soon as I get home from work (yes, I’m browsing Thunder’s Place at work :) . We do agree that this is a flaccid-use only thing right?

I will be happy to report back any progress, and give back my contribution to this huge knowledge base we have here. Right now I’m at a stage where “the curve” seems to be the most important thing in my life right now - I know it isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be, but that’s how I feel. I guess psychologically I deal with some of the same issues as people with less than average penis sizes.

This place has given me hope, that maybe this problem can be fixed without having to go through surgery (again).

Hi I’m new to this forum. And I’ve been reading a lot of posts so far to find out as much as possible before I start posting. However I found some difficulties understanding this thread. And I have couple of qestions.

1.What do these short terms mean? Ex. CC, ADS, PE, ED, BLP, etc.

2. Can you use Griptwist for penis enlargemnet, or just for an anti-curvation. If yes, how do you attach it and how do you wear it.

PS. I just wanted to say that Thunder’s Place is the best place on the net. I hope it will help me with my “little” problem. Thank you all!

Originally Posted by M-Audio84
1.What do these short terms mean? Ex. CC, ADS, PE, ED, BLP, etc.

CC= corpora cavernosa. Two of the soft tissue chambers in the Penis that expand when blood flows in making your penis hard.

ADS= All Day Stretcher. A device worn to keep youe penis in an extended state.

ED= Erectile Dysfunction. Inability to get or maintain an erection

PE= PE is an acronym for Penis Enlargement. More specifically, it refers to Natural Penis Enlargement. PE is a relatively safe means of realizing our dreams of a larger manhood, without surgery.

PE= Premature ejaculations.

BLP??? I dont know. The one i know that is closest to BLP is BPEL Aka Bone pressed erect length. BPEL is a way to measure the length of your penis by pressing the ruler into fatpad through to the pelvic bone so that you always get consistent measurements.

If you are too lazy to so search, ill be nice enough to post a direct link to more stuff

Originally Posted by M-Audio84
2. Can you use Griptwist for penis enlargemnet, or just for an anti-curvation. If yes, how do you attach it and how do you wear it.

Yes, You can use griptwist as an ADS and also for an anti-curvation routine. If you want to know how to use one check this link and see the product section.

Walk slowly but never backwards.


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