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Anti-curvation routine


Leftie, any progress so far?

I think I am going to try something new myself to get rid of my upward curve… I own Monty’s weights, and what I do is I slide one all the way to the back of my dick, and the other one just behind the glans. I know it sounds bad, but the one at the far back actually serves as a weak clamp and fills my dick with blood. My dick’s not super hard like with a real cable clamp, maybe around 60% erect. Also if anything were to go wrong it is as easy as putting cold water on my dick and my erection subsides, or the water acts sort of like a lubricant, and I can get the weights off. I’ve done it several times throughout my experiences with PE.

The whole thing is that when my dick swells up a bit, I lay my dick over a pencil, ruler, or anything long and thin that I can put my dick over. This way I can sit at my computer while both weights are pulling both the tip and end of my dick towards the ground, while my upward curve is constantly being pushed downward at my leisure. I dont believe that doing this flaccid would help nearly as much as doing it erect or at least partially erect. It seems to work fine, I am thinking about doing it a lot more often, but I would appreciate any comments.

What do you mean jelq against the curve. With both hands? I curve to the left so does that mean with my left hand I should bend to the right and jelq it? Or should I do like a minor bend and keep it there and hold a continuous jelq pattern with both hands? I don’t know how to do this guys please help Me


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