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Another Newbie

Another Newbie

I happened across this site as a result of perusing a site called “”. I am in my fifties, married thirty-some years, with a fairly satisfactory sex life. Like every guy I know, I’ve always wanted it to be a little bigger, though my wife says it is not important. My penis (circumcised) is 5 7/8” long with a shaft circumference of 5” . The circumference of the head is 5 1/2”, so it has a fairly large head in relation to the shaft, with a pronounced coronal ridge.

My wife has never had sex with anyone else, so really can’t make any comparisons. We have however, used sextoys in foreplay a number of times. I know that she can comfortably take around 7 1/2 or 8 inches and 1 3/4” thick seems just right. On a couple of occasions a few years ago we used a lifelike “vibrator sleeve” made for a 1 1/2” x 6” vibrator as an extension, worn over my cock. On my cock it measured 8” long by 1 3/4” thick. She had some fantastic orgasms this way….though she denied them being anything special afterward, and didn’t want to use it anymore. I’m sure that she was afraid she’d start liking it too much.

At my current size, would 8” X 6” be a realistic goal? I do NOT want to overdo it! We both love it doggystyle and the last thing I would want is to have to hold back in that position.

Hi Doggystyler,

Welcome to the forum.

>At my current size, would 8” X 6” be a realistic goal?<
Absolutely, its all about the work you are willing to put in. Expect it to take at least a year of hard work, then if you surpass that you can be pleased.

Good luck and good gains.

Welcome aboard Doggystyler! I have been at PE since last July and now know you can really lengthen and thicken your penis naturally (I had my doubts at first and thought it may have been just a pipe dream). You can attain that goal of 8X6 if your are diligent and committed. My best advice is to read all you can! Yes, sex is better with a bigger penis! You will have more confidence and both you and your spouse will enjoy it more.

Good Luck



Welcome to Thunder’s.

We do it doggy style all the time—my favoite position—and if my lady can take mine to the hilt, yours should surely be able to take yours at 8”x6.”


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Welcome to Thunder’s Doggystyler.
It’s interesting that every guy here loves doggy’s also my favourite position (well what do you know Horse!!!!!)
8x6 is a realistic goal at any size, providing you are willing to put in the time and effort.

It’s also interesting Horse that you say your missus can to you to the hilt doing it doggy…mine finds it “takes her breath away” and not necessarily in a good way either. And I haven’t even reach 7” yet!!. I think it’s all got to do with my upward curve. What do you guys think?

Andrew, I’d say it has more to do with the size and shape of your woman (and I’m not talking about how tall she is ;) ) then with your own size and shape.

Dog, I think you’ll find that 8x6 is by far the most common goal size on the board, and from the first hand experiences I have read, it would seem that many who started smaller than you have already or are soon to achieve it.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! And for the encouragement. I have never for a minute believed that “pills” or “patches” actually worked. But I have come to believe that jelqing works…..and you have confirmed it. I may not do a lot of posting for awhile, I’m here to learn! Thanks again.


I think trips may be on to something here. I guess my lady and I were made for each other. Her vagina is definitely longer, deeper, whatever. I remember her once telling me that her gynocologist said something to this effect. Maybe it’s just that because I have always been large, like they say, her vagina has stretched to accomodate me. I know if she’s not properly warmed up, lube wise, forget it. But the two of us “drool” like a couple of monkeys in heat.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


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