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Another newbie - haha.

Another newbie - haha.

Hi guys,

Just found this website and I’m actually shocked that there is a decent, genuine, no bullshit website to help guys like us with PE! Congrats to you all and especially Thunder for the idea. I’ll certainly be donating in the near future.

Now, I’m new to PE and have obviously read up a lot on it on this website. How exactly do you measure your penis? I’ve seen all this BPEL etc, but I understand most of the phrases and the precise measurement technique. Can someone point me in the direction of the thread?

Also, would MrOrange’s method be ok for a newbie?

I’m new to all this, so any tips would be great. I’m going to stick to the newbie routine and a ADS from time to time. If someone wants to mentor me :) that would be great.

Now, to get started I suppose … .


Welcome to the forum J-Man.

Give the first thread in this forum a read good read and I think you will find answers to all of your questions.

Skip that MrOrange (whatever the fuck it is) until you have 6 to 8 weeks of the newbie routine under your belt.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Hi J-man

Welcome to Thunders and good luck with your PEing

Jeez - the forum’s huge! Found most of my answers now.

Any tips to combat curve? Found a few video’s etc, but I presume it’s just a case of concentrating on the ‘weaker’ side of the penis to straighten the curve up?

Hey J, I had a really bad “curve to the left” penis but I starting bending it to the right while in a semi-erect to erect state and it’s getting straighter. I hope that helps.

:wave: Hi J-Man. :-k Another UK member, I say, we’ll soon be able to hold a National Convention. :warp:

Spread the word J-Man! :spin2:

Oh and welcome to you of course, I’m sorry, I sort of forget to mention that, isn’t it all just so exciting!. :idiot:

welcome aboard :nodding:

Hey J-Man Welcome to Thunder’s. Good luck with the routine. Remember be patient and take it easy at first. Injuries are not your friend.

Originally Posted by J-Man
If someone wants to mentor me that would be great.

Hey Thunder, what ever happen to this? Did it die out? I sent in a request but never heard anything. Just wondering.


Welcome to the board hope you find what your looking for!

Excuse me J-Man. :uhuh: Pulsar, I just couldn’t help but notice your avatar, you sure have big ears! :nodding:

Thanks J-Man, catch you later, must fly. :idiot:

Greetings and welcome to Thunders.

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Originally Posted by rousseau506
:Wave: Hi J-Man. :-K Another UK member, I say, we’ll soon be able to hold a National Convention. :Warp:

Spread the word J-Man! :Spin2:

Ha ha indeed. It seems that this website is still very ‘secretive’ (due to it’s very nature!), but can be found if you look hard enough.

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