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Am I ok to keep PEing

Am I ok to keep PEing

I have been consistently PEing for month now and about ten minutes ago when I was getting ready for my exercises and decided to do a quick scan over my penis. I noticed that at the base of my shaft, on the right side of my penis it is more de-sensitized than the left side. It’s not exactly numb because I can still feel the touch it’s just when I touch the left side there is a stronger sensation. Should I rule this out as numbness and stop for a while, or have you guys experienced that parts of your unit is more sensitive than others?

Also my EQ hasn’t been affected.

Anyone wanna check themselves out to ease my mind, ha?

Just keep it in mind, maybe let up just a little in that area. Everything is probably okay though.

That seems to be a “negative PI” (physiological indicator), things such as pain, discoloration, and numbness can suggest* that you are over-doing/improperly doing your penis exercises.

Even if the numbness is located in a small area and is minor, its something that warrants a rest period. Allow some days (or even weeks, depending on the nature of your injury) to heal. I suppose some gentle massaging of the penis in the shower would be okay as long as you aren’t “PE’ing” while you are recovering.

There are many threads on potential penis injuries, and I’d strongly recommend you look ‘em up - I’m sure someone here has had your exact same problem and posted about how it went down.

Good luck.

S.O. at P.B.

There is really only one way to find out; stop PEing for a while and see if the feeling comes back / evens out.

If it comes back, then you were right for taking a break.

If it doesn’t come back, then you may as well start PE again, just being very careful to monitor the spot so that the feeling does not get worse.

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You’re a newbie, so now is a good time to see and test how your body reacts. Maybe it is a bad sign, maybe it’s not, the only way for you to be sure is to stop PEing for a couple of days, and see how it turns out. If it subsides, start PEing again and see if it’s coming back.
When you’re just conditioning your penis, in the Newbie Routine, this is the time to get to know your penis and see what are bad signs for you and how your penis reacts to different things.
It’s probably nothing serious, of course, maybe you’ll need a little break, but try and see for yourself :)

Best of luck!

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Thanks everyone. Much appreciative.

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