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Always struggled with stretching for one reason - Advice welcome

Always struggled with stretching for one reason - Advice welcome

I’ve PE’d seriously for a few months back in 2011 with manual and bathmating. Went from 5.5 to 6.25 and 5 to 5.5 in newbie gains. I quit because I just lost interest and my girlfriend couldn’t handle it that well anyways as is. I don’t believe I really cemented my gains as I’m basically back to square one on a normal day. I’m starting back up with a small routine I’ll log if it leads anywhere but my question on stretching has always been - The micro tears in the ligaments and shaft come as a small dull burnish sensation when stretching it or is that skin stretch? Another question is if I grab lower then my head I just end up pulling loose skin to the bottom of the head and then the stretch begins. I use baby powder, etc, have no problem with grip just wondering if pulling the head alone is a good enough stretch seeing as I see posted to grab an inch or so below the head but I seem to just loose skin it to the head and the tugging can begin then. Thanks again.

If I read your question correctly, most people grab below the head because that’s where the able to apply the firmest pressure when stretching. Yes, you’ll gather up some loose skin in the process, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The slight irritation you feel around the base is probably the skin stretching — that’s what I experienced, too. Lig stretch will fell like a dull ache in the base of your cock during your stretch and for 10-15 seconds after you release. Rubbing the area should make the ache go away.

Thanks for the confirm. I feel a bit of an arousing sensation underneath my balls when stretching forward or up. Its hard to explain. I was wondering if you ever experienced this?

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