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Almost 2 weeks of PE

Almost 2 weeks of PE

Hi guys

It is 2 weeks since I am peing and I feel some better erections and my unit hangs thiker than before hope I see some lenght gains soon,I will measure it once on mounth,so my routine is:

5 minute hot tub

2 x 5 minutes streching 5 directions

10-15 minutes dry or wet jelq

2 hours dayly wearing an extenders (Like sizegenetics,etc)

I mention that I do not have a specific hour for my routine I am doing it when I have the time,oh I forgot 5 days on 2 off,and the streching periods are one in tha morning and one in the evening.


G’luck brudda! :)

Why don’t you do the newbie routine? It should be the best way to go for most newbies.

If you noticed is tha newbie routine +the extender

If you noticed I was meaning just the newbie routine, which also is not a 5/on 2/off :) .

Ok marinera I am the one that made a mistake.sorry

Nothing to be sorry :) ; I’m just suggesting don’t do too much too early or gains will be less probable, not more probable.

The 5 day on 2 off is because of busy programm in tha week ends,and my wife does not know .thats why.

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