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Aim: Girth

Aim: Girth

Hi guys,

Finally registration has opened up! Much appreciated Thunders. I’ve been viewing the site for the last couple of months and in March started the Newbie Routine. My route now consists of:

10 minute hot wrap warm up
6 minute manual stretch with some rotary
10 minutes jelqing at 70% erection (I started at 50% and have gone higher - I’m after girth)
Add in 30 V Jelqs
Flaccid stretch 20 seconds each direction (I got the flaccid stretch from the PE gym, not seen it on here as yet)
10 minute hot bath

I do 2 days on 1 day off. I kegel throughout the day when I PE so probably do between 30 and 60 kegels.

I also suffer from premature ejaculation. I can go forever when I’m receiving oral but as soon as intercourse takes place, I’m not able to last more than 2 minutes unless I have already ejaculated that day.

I supplement L-arginine, L-lycine with a healthy diet.

So, I’m posting this to see what you guys think. My measurements are

1st May 2009: BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.45

Not really sure how accurate my length measurement is, but girth is bang on 4.45. I’m after 5” girth and whatever length may accompany that. I’m in my early 20’s and keep fit, so what do you think is a realistic goal? And is my present size enough to satisfy my partner?

I have had slight gains so far I think, as my girlfriend commented on me being thicker, but alas, I did not take measurements prior to PE.

So, I’m putting up this post in search of advice and tips from experienced moderators but also those with similar measurements (or those who used to have similar measurements) to let me know how they are growing.


And is my present size enough to satisfy my partner?

For sure, handling the premature ejaculation might be a good thing for you, try searching for edging. Goodluck on the gains.

BTW, you do know that it might be smarter to work length first?

Thanks ICANdothis. Care to explain why length should be sought after first? I’m quite happy with my length, and I’m confident that jelqing for girth will also give me length gains.

As for edging, I agree. I’m going to try to start to do some sessions when I can. But I think my premature ejaculation is psychological now as it happens so often.

I agree with ICANdothis about the edging. Kegels also help a lot with control. There is a theory that it is harder to gain length with a thicker unit due to increased overall volume. However, I have always taken the gains as they came, whether length or girth. Personally, I feel that jelqs are excellent for both length and girth. The key to success at this, at least initially, has more to do with consistency than the exercises used.

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