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Ahoy there, matey

Ahoy there, matey

Hello, this is my first post.

In the past, about 2007, I was majorly into PE. I found a website called massivemember and signed up for it, and it showed basic exercises. Mostly what I used to do is stretching and jelqing. I was consistent back then, but never measured because I wasn’t overly concerned with teh numbers. Also used fleshlights a lot to build stamina, so I am well conditioned now.

I have been looking on the forums for stretching techniques. I’m going for length, any growth in girth is a bonus.
My routine now consists of:

Hot towel warm up for 1 minute
-Before first stretch
-After sets of about 4 stretches

Basically after stretching for a while, I re-warm my penis.

Directional stretches
Stretch forward, up, down, left, and right for 30 seconds

These are my initial stretches for a session. I begin the first set directly after warming up.
Also mix these up when I lose track of things.

V stretches
I forgot his name, but there was a member here who had a lot of growth and said
He did modified V-stretches. I do v-stretches forward, left, right, down, and up

Circular stretch
Starting off by stretching forward for 5 seconds, I rotate my penis for about 2 to 4 minutes,
Changing direction

After stretching, or if I get an erection, I begin to jelq, and just keep jelqing until
My erection goes away.
If it does not go away after about 10 to 15 minutes, I enter an edging session.
If it goes away too fast, I continue stretching.

So basically I mix and match these stretches until I get an erection, and then begin to jelq and edge.
So I’m stretching for like 20 to 25 minutes.

The sessions vary in time based on how I feel, strength of erection, but mostly how I feel.

I’ve got two questions though:

1) What other types of stretches can I add to my repertoire?

2) Is there a natural supplement to increase my erection power? I’m on bee pollen now.

A word of advice, don’t mention other sites. I mentioned a pay site more than was wise in my early months here and the boss suspected me of spamming. Just giving you a heads-up.

Originally Posted by quickbeam1213
A word of advice, don’t mention other sites.

Yeah.very true

Ok, sorry, I didn’t want to cause any negativity. I won’t post any more sites here, but I am trying to find out how to edit the post to remove the name of the site.

Originally Posted by 7Lucky

Ok, sorry, I didn’t want to cause any negativity. I won’t post any more sites here, but I am trying to find out how to edit the post to remove the name of the site.

If you posted more than ten minutes ago the edit option is gone. Don’t worry though. Those people who read this thread will be understanding.

So what other stretches can I add to my routine?

I like the A-Stretch and the Bundle Stretch, but make sure you are well conditioned and don’t over do it - these can apply quite a bit of force using leverage.


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Originally Posted by Massivemember
The Massive Member program does NOT involve the use or sale of pills…

If you are interested in purchasing pills…

Oh, that is just too funny! Typical commercial site.

On the one hand they want cred for being upstanding guys, unwilling to rip you off by selling snakeoil pills that don't work! But hey, on the off chance that you do want to throw your money away on pills they might as well be the ones that collect it. :rolleyes:

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