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After routine PI and NI

After routine PI and NI

When I first started PEing I did v-stretches and inverted v-stretches along with jelqing. With this I noticed longer and fuller flaccid hang. However I felt that I had slightly injuried myself and stop PEing for about 3 weeks. Now that I restarted, I only do manual stretches up, down, and side to side along with the same amount of jelqing. The time I spend stretching is the same as before. However my flaccid hang is as low as it was when I did the v-stretches. I still feel thicker/tougher when I finish, but my length does not increase. Could it be that I am not stretching enough? Or should I just continue with this for about a month or so before I try v-stretches again.

In the topic I meant to say “After routine positive and negative PIs”

Originally Posted by Foray7
In the topic I meant to say “After routine positive and negative PIs”

You have just got to giver it more time Foray. It’s fairly easy to get additional flaccid hang as that is probably the length of your erection. But physical enlargement only comes with time and exercise.

Give it another month at least before you expect gains. But of course it may start to happen before that.

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I’m not expecting erect gains yet. I’m just expecting to hang lower after my routine

Anymore advice? Should I just continue with the simple manual stretches and I will eventually have a lower flaccid hang after my routine. Or should I go back to doing v-stretches like I was before

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