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After 1 month of PE, I need advices

After 1 month of PE, I need advices

Well hi there, I have posted some months ago exposing my problem of partial impotency of being not able to stay rock hard during penetration.. I had been given advices most asking me to head for a urologist, well it was some months ago, and forgot about it as for now I’m still not yet intending to pay doctor a visit..

About a month ago I came back to thundersplace to have an overview on some PE exercises, and decided to have some workout, I went on for 3 weeks of total mess w/ jelq and stretches, then with the appearance of first problems I now feel the need to seriously start getting organized in my sessions, so there are some unanswered questions on matters I was wondering about I would like to ask, but first I’d like to start with an introduction.

Well, I’m heading to my 27, I’m 5”11 and 105 lbs (very thin, or skinny if you prefer), my untrained penis is 6.5 in. Long and 4.2 to 4.5 in. Thick ( this is an issue I described on my previous post that can be found here : Kind of special case ), I am circumcised and my penis is weaker from the basis unto 1.75 in. Forth where it’s thinner so it hangs down (a bit) and to make it worse : it’s gonzo-like shaped ; it’s curved downward. Regarding habits, I am a fierce wanker (can’t sleep or wake-up without a half-hour long masturbation) and I have rare to occasional sexual activity with partners.
Now off with descriptions!

As I said, one moth ago I started with the classical exercise known as dry jelq, I was going dry mainly because I was too lazy to come with lube, which I usually never use during wanking, I always go dry.. I was doing the exercises with no prior wrapping/warm up, so after 5 restless days of 20 minutes dry jelq I started to feel my shaft skin burning and was unable to touch my penis even for a pee without enduring the obvious cutaneous pain. Then I decided to shave my dick, to avoid pulling on the hair during jelq.

For two weeks, I carried on dry painful jelq on my unwarmed sometimes semi, sometimes fully erect penis, still masturbating until orgasm as accustomed, with only two consecutive resting days in each week (rest was mostly induced by skin irritation, leaving me no choice but to rest). That was enough, I decided to grab some lube from pharmacy, my choice was on Vaseline which is very good IMO, and started wet jelqing for an average of one hour every day, often finishing it with a gross masturbation until ejaculating. About ten days ago I started implementing simple stretching exercises as well as reverse jelq (palms down), I was also doing 30 to 60 seconds V-stretches every time I went to piss all over the day. I also started doing Kegels every time I remembered (even at work when sitting, when walking, with friends or during web surf) I find it very, very hard to kegel 10 consecutive times holding it for 5 seconds without stroking my penis.. Doing so, makes me sweat and I always have to block my breath especially when I reach the 6Th or 7Th contraction. Four days ago (Friday evening) as I was fully-erect jelqing (but after warming up this time) I handled my stick somewhat brutally and had a capillar vein blown and got a black spot near the basis. So I decided to stop for 2 days (it has disappeared as I’m typing now), I resumed on Sunday I tried to do some of my usual stretches but was unable to carry since I felt unstandable pain in the pubic ligaments. Monday : nothing, not even a wank because I was very busy.

Results :
- Right after starting wet jelq, I felt a reasonable increase in the volume during the following days, my penis seemed more ‘meaty’ in my hand, I had to confirm it both visually as it seemed bigger either erect or flaccid as well as with a ruler when I got a full erection it gained a whole centimeter in length going from 16.5 to 17.5 ..
- I started to get the turkey’s neck thing since the 3rd week
- My penis was already somewhat baseball bat shaped, now it’s going worse w/ jelq
- After the two days pause due to my burst of capillaries, my penis shrunk back to 6.5 in. Erect and lost a lot of it’s flaccid elasticity.
That’s it for now..

Now onto the questions :

1- What about masturbation? Can I jelq and cum right after, or do I have to wait some hours before doing so? Can I wank during my resting days?
2- Are Kegels going to become easier as I get more used to them? Does it have the same effect to Kegel soft or hard, or by stroking or not my penis?
3- Do I have to stop stretching for some days when it becomes painful? Or is it normal to suffer that way during ligaments extensions?
4- How to deal with the turkey neck and the baseball bat shape?
5- Is wrapping very important? Is it something that one must not work without?
6- Can you please give me ONE TIME ADVICE on a routine that could be best fitted to my situation.

Thanx for reading and answering!

"Or two weeks, I carried on dry painful jelq on my unwarmed sometimes semi, sometimes fully erect penis,”

Yikes man! You need to be more careful.

If you’re hurting yourself, you’re not doing it right.

And you should NOT be doing fully erect jelqs.

I see my post going down with my questions not answered yet.. Come on please, I really need answers especially to the 1st and 4th. Please help!

When something hurts do NOT do it.
Some people seem to experience a “good” hurt AFTER they had a good session.. But that is not PAIN, but just a slight discomfort that feels good in its way. => You are not doing it right if it hurts while doing it.

The idea is not to FORCE your dick into growing (AKA injury ;) ), but set up a ground from which to build up gradual growth.

And since you seem to be knitpicky in what style people have to answer so you can allow yourself to acknowledge they did, here goes:
1. I don’t do it, some people did and gained, some people didn’t and gained.. Go read the forum since this topic has been talked about extensively already.. All this talk only applies +- 2 hours around the exercise though.
2. If your muscle(s) grows with exercise should it become easier to use it longer ? Yep.. Easier? Only if you learn how to use your BC and ONLY your BC. It’s a muscle so there is no difference whatsoever.
3. If it hurts don’t do it. If it hurts without doing that made it hurt leave your body more time to heal what hurts. Easy as that. Additionally, if you feel you are suffering learn how to do it correctly.. after letting it heal completely (+1-2 weeks).
4. Supposedly stretching the sack skin on your shaft.. and jelqing (or clamping when you learned about your dick.. which from your post you probably didn’t do sufficiently yet :) ).
5. Wrapping is usually done for hanging and clamping. In any case, wrapping is done mainly to diffuse the stress on your dick over a bigger area, thus lessening the likelihood of injuries.
6. Newbie routine.. Easy as that.. You got to get to know your dick FIRST. Newbie routine is still the way to go.

Again: It’s NOT FORCING, but GENTLY STIMULATING. You only have this one dick of yours, so treat it accordingly for your own sake.


She said you had a small dick huh? Well just remind her of what Tom Arnold said about his soon to be ex-wife, Roseanne, when she said very publicly that he had a little dick - "Hell, even a 747 looks small when you put it in the Grand Canyon". START: 2004-12-06 EBPL 6.70" BPEL, EG 5" CURRENT STATUS: Full Healing Break (Plasticized ligaments need time to heal -- Beware the rotating manual stretches ;) ) 2005-01-07 EBPL 7.68", EG 5" GOAL: EBPL 8.5" (ENBPL 7.9"), EG 6"

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