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Kind of special case

Kind of special case

My case is somewhat special and I want to expose it in the hope of an answer,

Well I’ve just heard of your location and signed up.. Maybe you can help!

My penis is 6.5 x 4.5 inches erect, the thing is that I’m not primarily interested in enlarging it (maybe later), it’s rather that I got a problem and I wonder if Thunders Place can do something for me.

When it erects my penis gets weak from the basis unto 1.75 inches forth.. Well it’s thinner (4 inches) and curves down there, at that spot I can easily bend it with my thumb. The rest of it is however hard and thicker.. The problem is that I have trouble in sexual intercourse, when I start going back and forth it bends too many times and I have to reinsert it manually. The task becomes fastidious and I often loose my erection, this result in both me and my partner dissatisfaction, and worse.. I’ve never been able to experience an orgasm while penetrating, I always have to finish the job manually.

Well I am aware that this is a sort of impotency, and I’m asking the experts and those who have/had the same kind of problem if there are some exercises out there to strengthen the zone where my penis is weak.


Kegels can help you maintain a strong erection.

Age, health, habits???

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Age : 26
Health : Good in the overall, with minor problems as everyone I guess..
Habits : What do you mean by habits? Well I don’t smoke, I do not practice any sport, I masturbate a lot since my teenage (~15 times a week), I have some occasional sex partners, mostly females.. No men in the past several years.

I remember of this problem since my childhood so.

Might want to give this a read for starters:

Anyone having problems STAYING hard?

Veinous Leakage

and then there is this thread from a guy who didn’t do PE, but found the forum in search for help - his glans was soft, and after suggestions from a MD that posted here, he had a kind of xray done that showed the bloodfloow - and found that there was a leak in the CS. He was able to have a doctor do a burn to seal the leaking vein, and everything was successful. I have searched and searched and cannot find the thread, but the it should be interesting to you. Maybe someone else can find it.

regards, mgus

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Mgus pointed you in the right direction…..Ever been tested for diabetes, renal problems, prostate exam recently?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

This sounds like a “mechanical” problem that is not easy to fix. The erectile chambers at that point apparently have a defect that prevents them from being as strong as they are farther down the shaft. I doubt there’s any exercises that could be done to repair it. A urologist should be consulted to get a correct diagnosis.

Originally Posted by westla90069
A urologist should be consulted to get a correct diagnosis.

I’d second that an examination by a real medical doctor is the place to start. If there is something like a leak as suggested in previous posts, medical attention may be the only solution and PE would be ineffective.

On the other hand, if the doctor doesn’t have a solution, it might be that PE excercises to increase blood supply and stretch the tissue could give you a chance at finding an effective “physical therapy” for your problem.

Good Luck,


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Well thank you for your attention and answers,

I always lived with the idea that my problem is a medical issue caused by a mechanical dysfunction, I was hopping for some miraculous solution, but obviously there’s not!
To answer some of your questions regarding my health, I let you know that I’m neither diabetic nor I have renal or prostate problems, I just have a minor heart anomaly, and a serious underweight I’m 5’10” for 104 lbs, but nothing serious tho I’ve always been like that.

Regarding contraction of BC muscle, yes that’s definitely what I do innately during sex and masturbation, it keeps my erection somewhat usable, but only for a relatively short period.. As everyone gets way tired during sex, I tend to release it sooner or later and often end in a complete loss of erection mainly due to psychological causes after my penis start bending due to the weakness of that zone I’ve described in that previous post, but this only happen during penetration, since it’s easier to deal with this contraction during masturbation I always manage to stay hard during handwork and blowjob..

Thanx folks, c ya


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