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Advice about turttling sp


Advice about turttling sp

I hate it when my penis goes in on itself and looks even smaller (turttleing). Any suggestions on how to prevent this? I searched the newbie and main members base but after a number of page searches I though it might be more sensible to start a thread here. I guess what I’m looking for here is a better flaccid hang during the day as opposed to it turttleing in on itself. Thanks, guys.

I will be keeping my eye on this thread! I have the same situation.. I hate it!

Start date ? Going to say sept,2012

BPEL 7"- NBP 5.1/4"- BEG 6"- MEG 5.5" need to lose 60lbs to kill my pad!! How much length can I get if a lose 60lbs?

I use a silicone sleeve to keep it in a long state.

Starting 06/2010 with BPEL 5.25'', EG 5''

Goal: BPEL 6", EG 5

Long term goal: 7x6

Originally Posted by adros
I use a silicone sleeve to keep it in a long state.

And then what? Does that grow the flaccid length? Over time.. Why not use an extender?

Silicone sleeves.

It’s softer, and won’t hold you in a position as forcibly as an extender will.

BP: 6" (lucky!) fat pad: .75" (not so lucky), visible from erection: 5.25"

Girth: 4.5" (not sure if I measured this right)

There are some basic things you can do to keep from turtling. What i have found from my experience is that turtling is the bodies natural way of protecting/healing itself. Having a healthy body helps heal faster. Again this is just my experience. Also having a healthy vascular system is great for a big flaccid meaning cardio and strong skeletal muscles. Also staying hydrated is important to cellular growth and the healing process so drink lots of water. I’m 6’2” 200lb. And on average i drink 4 liters minimum a day.

body fat %- depending on what your bf% is now. If you have weight to lose that can bring on less turtling. These are just a few things that i experienced. also being cold can cause it and that’s natural and a good thing haha!

Hope this helps.

Best of luck to all.


I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the hands of the Maker of heaven.

Thank you for all your good ideas.

Silicone sleeve

What’s a silicone sleeve and where would you get one?

There is so much worrying on this site about turtleing. I would like to write a thread about it. There are two types, “natural”—turtleling caused by natural events:
1) a signal on a feedback loop from the hypothalamus gland that sex prowess is exhausted and a break is needed
2) General exhaustion from whole body extended effort
3) Whole body temperature drop of skin or fascia

We who are penis conscious find it dis-concerting, especially guys who are considered to be “growers”. You hope there is no one around to notice. Embarrassing as it might seem, there is really nothing really bad about it from a penis health point of view. And from number two above it signals that you are doing something very right which will herald great health benefits. If you are always max flaccid, it signals that you are not getting enough good exercise.

And “un-natural turtleing brought on by degrees of health degeneration:
1) enervation by nerve fascia sheath deterioration
2) Occlusion of major arterial feeds to the penis
3) enervation because of capillary closure to nerves giving numbness and continuous shrinkage

Can someone tell me about this stealth extender?

Google (shealthformen) it will tell you all about them and you can get one from there if l

you like the sound of it.

I’ve got my stealth extender and tried it on a couple of times. Its ok but a bit tricky to put on. I’m having difficulty because my balls
Are often tucked way in and so that part slips out, or just holds one testicle.

I’ll give it another try when the weather gets warmer. I can see how it will make a nice bulge in some skimpy shorts on a summer

I’ve been at PE for about 2 months now, my turtling has disappeared for the most part. I am a the definition of a grower not a shower. But nowadays things are looking much better, just stick to the newbie routine.

Stealth extender

It looks like a great product. I’m gonna buy one. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks.

Originally Posted by jmakar
I too have ordered the Stealth devise. I didn’t see anywhere that it would give permanent flaccid length. I hope I missed something and it does. Any feedback?

My guess would be if it’s trained to stay in an extended flaccid length than it will learn to remain in the longer flaccid state rather than turtling.

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