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I got the standard ADS shown on this site from Walgreen’s, and it’s AWESOME… when you’re sitting.

I’m currently waiting tables, so I’m constantly on my feet. The problem when I’m standing, is lets say i tape my penis to my right leg. My balls hang quite a bit, and the left one gets lodged between my penis and my other leg, which is quite painful. The one day I wore it to work, i was constantly messing with my package for an hour or so before I had to take it off.

One way i see around this is to tape my cock to the front of my leg, but the problem there is, you can see a bump near my knee. I’m thinking about taping my balls back, but if i tape them too close to anything they’ll stay warm for long periods of time (BAD).

The last thing i want to do is abandon the ADS, after all it seems the best way to gain length after stretching, expecially when you’re walking around with one (your penis is constantly getting stretched and then returning to normal length, so blood is constantly circulating throughout. And [more] heat is present due to the constant movement)

Has anyone found a way to fix this?

I don’t know what kind of ADS you’re talking about. I’ve tried several kinds and none are for me. Too much hassle and too many problems. Others get along fine using an ADS system.

I hope you are doing a regular manual PE routine. If you have only recently started PE, I suggest you stick with a simple manual routine and save this more complicated stuff for later. I’m not convinced any ADS that can actually be worn most of the day applies enough tension to do much good. Even if it does it may be useless overkill for a newbie.

By the way, ADS got my flacid length up from two and a half inches to about 4.

Hell to the yeah.

Thankyou thundersplace. As soon as I get my overdue rent paid off, expect a large donation for the hosting.

Also, I dunno what your host is charging you, but my current web host allows for all databases, most scripts, etc. etc. Has had close to 100% uptime for years (monitored by various 3rd party websites) and allows for 3gb transfer per day, not month, but per day. That should be enough to host site, and it’s like 8 bux a month. PM me for details.

NOTE: Let me add that i am in no way affiliated with the host, other than being a current client extremely pleased with service.

And the ADS i’m talking about is in the movie tutorial section. (Thunder’s Place Video Series) under “simple ADS



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