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ADS with IR Lamp

ADS with IR Lamp

Hi guys,

I’ve been pondering for ages about buying an ADS like a Penis Master, Mainly due to westsidetoni thread about his success!!

Obviously we have all heard of people stretching and the such like under IR lamp but what about wearing an ADS for a significant time under an IR Lamp. I would of thought that it would perhaps facilitate better gains. Has anyone tried it?

It shouldn”t do any harm providing you don’t let your penis get overheated (burnt) by the IR lamp. But if you are going to do it for long periods, use something to protect your testicles from the heat

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It may be helpful but I agree you should be careful. When you are stretched out you could have decreased sensation in your penis so you could be cooking your unit and not know it.

If you are using a fairly strong lamp, especially if it is heating a larger area, such as your lower abdominal area, be very careful.

Because the heat penetrates well, a large volume of tissue is heated up, and the body has to work hard to try to keep all the heated tissue at normal body temperature.

Also, the blood flowing through the area is heated as it passes through the large volume of heated tissue and continues to circulate, carrying the heat with it.

What basically happens is you can get the IR lamp equivalent of sun/heat stroke. If you start to feel a little bit nauseous or faint, turn the lamp off straight away. If it happens, expect to feel a bit ‘rough’ for a while afterwards!

Also as others have said, your penis is not a very temperature sensitive organ - it’s nerves are better at sensations of friction than heat, so you can cook it if you are not careful. :eek2:

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