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ADS question

ADS question

I’ve been using an ADS for several months, usually for at least 8 hours a day, four or five days a week. I attach a band to my leg, then attach the ADS to an elastic cord.

On occasion - like today - I attach the cable to one of my belt loops, thus changing the stretch angle from nearly straight down to about 10:00/2:00 (depending on whether it’s pulling to the left or to the right) if you were looking at me and straight up was 12:00, straight down was 6:00.

While the PERCEIVED tension on the elastic cable is about the same, when stretching up, after a VERY short time - less than an hour - I can really feel the stretch. After four or so hours, I look foward to taking the ADS off as it’s gotten quite uncomfortable. Again, the perceived tension on the elastic cable is about the same as when it’s stretching down. I admit I don’t know enough about the anatomy of my penis to be able to figure out why it’s so quickly uncomfortable stretching UP than stretching down.

Is there a physiological reason why using an ADS to stretch UP instead of DOWN increases the discomfort level? I can go literally all day stretching down.

My thinking is that I should rotate the angle of stretch on a regular basis - stretch down and to the left one day, down and to the right another day, up and to the left one day, up and to the right another day. Make sure that Big Jake is uniformly stretched in every direction. Am I incorrect in my thinking?

Can someone clue me in here? If I decrease the amount of tension stretching up, there’ll be practically no tension at all.

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I really do not know exactly what to tell you, but I will just take a wild stab at this. Perhaps it is so much more uncomfortable because stretching straight up is such an unnatural angle or because circulation is more restricted when stretching upward.

You said you feel like taking it off after four hours, are you taking quick breaks during those four hours? I usually remove mine every 2 hours or so for a quick massage break. I have tried stretching up a few times, but I prefer down for longterm use.

I don’t think the angle of the stretch matters near as much as just wearing the ADS and keeping your penis extended.

Good luck.

To be honest, I get a better stretch using an ADS like that, so possibly you might want to keep trying it.

I think stretching SU targets both the inner and outer shaft of the penis.

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