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ADS question

ADS question

I’m very VERY limited on resources.. Seriously.. I only have electric tape and a string. No wraps of any sort. No belts. How should I go about this? And how would I go about urinating? :X I always need to pee by 3rd period and usually it’s twice a day during school/ I mean, I could do it at home by taking it off for a short time.. But I have 4 minutes between classes to pee, so no time to take off and reapply.

C’mon. Someone reply.. :(

I wish I knew how to build them. I bought mine of a website. ADS are same thing as penismaster, correct?


Try these:

With you’re girth you will probably be able to keep them on without wrap, and you can piss without taking them off. Perfect stealth for school


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No Nukes

Thankies n_n; But I wasn’t planning on spending any money, especially online, for this. I was thinking of more common household items I might be able to use. Again, thanks n_n

Though, these seem to be more for weights.. Rather than ADS where it’s wrapped to your leg.

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