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ADS Equals?

ADS Equals?

I read that wearing an ADS is supposedly letting time do the work as oppose to hanging where it depends mainly on the poundage. So my question is this.

I not sure if this is possible but does anyone know or have an educated guess of what wearing an ADS for 13 hours is equivalent to regarding regular weight hanging?


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Has anyone gained from ADS alone? Is this question relevant?

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I think the question is relevant elite8. I’m just not sure how many of our members have used an ads for that lenght of time.

I know I don’t have the answer for you, hopefully some of the other members will chime in here and help you out.

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Well there are a lot of ADS systems out there. Try searching for the penimaster, which is probably one of the best tension systems in terms of quality and price. I’ve got one, haven’t used it much and I’m not that impressed. (Hey, I said it was the “best” not that it was “good” ;) )

I’d much rather use my Bib anyday. But lots of people have reported gains so it’s probably worth your consideration.

Edit: Ah sorry, I wasn’t paying proper attention to your post. 13 hours? Well, I think with that kind of time you could probably expect gains. Check out any penis extender posts. There’s also a very cheap extension device, which attaches to your leg. Can’t remember the name, though. The company are supposed to be an arse with sending out the device promptly. Hope that helps.


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Not sure I can answer the exact question, but...

I’m using a couple of forms of home made ADS following hanging with a Bib 5 days on2 off.

ADS comprises Lil1’s Theraband ADS, tied sometimes down my leg and sometimes behind my arse to the opposite thigh for a full sideways pull for 6 or so hours a day, plus traction wrap overnight.

Traction wrap with an “Elastoplast” 7.3 cm wide thickish woven cotton blend bandage, 2.3 M long. Start with the bandage full with and spiral down elongated flaccid, then let it bunch and take it back to the centre, and wrap with it bunched up so that the tension comes from each turn of the wrap against itsself.

Keep on wrapping down to the base. Each turn of the wrap tensions my dick, so that I can get near full erect length without a lot of pressure. This means I can still sleep….though sometimes I have to get up and take it off. I also have experimented with the same bandage cut shorter, which gives less of a pulling effect.

Been doing this regime for several weeks, and have great flaccids—never under 6 inches even after 2 days off on winters mornings!!!! (Been doing the Theraband ADS for much longer)

No erect gains to speak of….but my history shows I’m a slow gainer.

Been hanging (this time) for 3 months pretty solidly…..If I don’t get gains will switch to ADS /traction wrap only, and sweat it out over the (really) long term.

I don’t think that any strict rule can be applied as to what the ratio equivalnce of hours between hanging and ADS might be, since there are about 1 million variables!!!!

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Thanks SSkid, GK, P9!

The reason why I asked was because for the past couple weeks I’ve been forced to put my hanging sessions on hold. So Ive been relying solely on manual stretches and my ADS (the one in Lil1’s video). So in order to compensate I’ve upped my ADS time.

But your right P9 thier are milllions of variables. This questions is probably impossible to answer. Guess I was just looking for some reassurance that I wasn’t losing valuable PE time due to my current situation. (Hopefuly I’ll be hanging again soon. :hanger: )

By the way I like your traction wrap you describe P9. I think I’ll give that a go.


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I’ve read in one of Bib’s posts that ADS can be used after a stretch session to force the tissues to heal in the elongated state. Unfortunately, I’ve always stretched at night, right before bed.

I think you’re the first poster I’ve seen who uses an ADS all night. So my questions are: Is it safe? What should I consider before I attempt using one?

I’m leaning towards a traction wrap or theraband wrap and am very, very cautious about doing something horrendous to my penis while I sleep, thus the concern. Also…has anyone out there reported “extra” gains when using an ads after stretching/hanging?


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