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About penis shape

About penis shape

How do you fix a slight curve in the penis pointing down? Since all those years of masturbating, the curve has gotten more noticeable. Is there anyway to fix this slight deformation?

Does PE help it anyway?

Come on

Some of the PE websites claim that their natural exercises will help fix the curvature of the penis.

So no one has any clue????

I have no curvature to the fireman but I do see where some sites do claim that. From my understanding PE will deconstruct the curve to a more milder bend. So if you have a slight curve it may fix it. A big curve will make it less noticable. This is what I remember seeing on here or the other forums.

How insane is your curve? I will try and look over for this claims I just discussed hiidden in some threads here next time I can spare between classes. Good luck! TT

Hey DJ Man

I have not heard of any great successes using PE to straighten out curvature. That’s not to say it won’t work, I just haven’t heard of anyone that has stuck with it long enough to get it to work.

From my own experience, I have a slight left curve, PE and pumping helped it a little. I’m not sure which did the most though. And I only tried the corrective strokes for a short period of time.

The thing is, if you don’t give it a good honest try, you will never know if it will work for you or not. And a year from now, you know the curve will still be there if nothing is attempted to correct it.

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It’s slightly curved down. I still want to fix this piece of crap. IMO it looks deformed hanging down at such an angle, it’s not a big curve YET. So I want to fix this, every night I spend about 30 minutes bending it in the way i want and holding it in a fixed position since the penile tissues can bend back. I just have to keep this up, I hope it will fix my problem. Every time I do these exercises feels as if I’m working out my penis, because it has that burning sensation like when your done working out at the gym.

The main cause of this was when I was young, I got hard-ons so easily, I think too easy. So stupid tighty-whities bent it after 2 years of wearing whity-tighties and then I finally switched to boxers. My penis is 6.5 inches erect and I want to fix this crap and start the actuall PE exercises to get it bigger. Shape first then size.


personally I would rather have a dick that was 8.5” x 6” than a straight dick. but then again I have a straight small dick.. I have never been in your position…

DJ-Man I agree that breifs are quite quite evil… and I also believe that during the growing stages and puberty that breifs contribute to the downwards curve greatly, I also have one that way (and a slight bit to the right, so the total is more like a twist)

oneday, I have the opposite, and although I’d rather have it perfectly straight, I wouldn’t want to give up (much) size for that… ;)

Straightening out the Dick

Mine used to curve to the right, but jelquing fixed that very quickly. I didn’t try to do it— it just happened. I found out about jelquing at least 25 years ago, but did not do much after an initial few weeks where my dick bend straightened out, and i gained 1/4 inch

With a curve downwards, I would jelq it always bending it up with every stroke I reckon you will get a good early gain as the lower side “blooms” out to its proper length.

Hope this helps.

Why don’t you post some pics??? Beforeand after!!!!

(As a gay man I can tell you that bent down dicks are just great to take orally…..)

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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