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about kegels

about kegels

Hello , should kegels be done with what % erection? And is after PEing the best time to do them? Thank you.

Hey man. I’ve been doing kegels on and off since I started PE about 4 months ago. I certainly don’t consider myself an authority but I’ll share what I’ve discovered with you:

You don’t need to have any erection at all to kegel. Personally I find it easiest to do kegels sitting on a chair in an upright position, so that when you contract you can feel the contraction pressing against the chair. Otherwise it can be a little difficult to tell whether or not you are getting a good contraction, especially as a beginner.

However, although it isn’t necessary to be erect to kegel, I really enjoy doing this and find that I get a better work out because I’m giving those muscles a lot more to squeeze against. So anytime I get an unexpected boner I take advantage of the situation and get out a few reps (I also find that if you try the really long kegel squeezes with a boner it will start to subside, which is a useful hint if you find yourself with an erection in a socially unacceptable situation. Know what I mean? ;) )

Also I don’t think kegelling after a PE session is necessarily the optimum time… others might disagree with me. Hope that helps.

Kegels are not dependent on erection level, however, I do all of my kegels while pumping in the vacuum tube and quite erect. If you do your kegels while erect, you can see and feel your cock react to the PC contraction. If you do a kegel while having intercourse, your partner can also feel your cock move and change size when you kegel.

My question has a point. I find it easier to kegel while erect . On non - erect ocasions i can only hold the squeeze for about 1 sec.

hi, hello2.

Mine is reverse, when i erect, I can only keep it few seconds.

What other guys do you think about that.

See You.

I usually lose my erection pretty quickly when doing kegels erect, too. So I only do kegels non-erect.

When I first started doing kegels (about a year ago), I could only hold the contraction for about five seconds before needing to release it. Nowadays, I can hold each contraction for around two minutes or so. The trick is to keep pushing yourself. Do what you can for a week or so (i.e. in your case, Hello2, hold each contraction for one second non-erect), and then the next week add an extra second. And then when you can hold each contraction for about ten seconds, add on an extra two seconds each week instead of one. It’s all about building up stamina.

Hope this helps.

To add a question to this thread:

Do you think it is more important to go for maximum squeeze time of individual kegels at the expense of total number of reps?

I’ve found that if you want to cum harder, then reps of short squeezes are more useful. If you want to possibly have the chance of delaying orgasm or possibly even having multiple orgasms before ejaculation, then you will need to be able to hold the muscles in your perineum for a long time (much longer than just simple short squeezes). I work both types of exercise into my routine, because it’s more well-rounded that way.

In fact, I came incredibly close to orgasm without ejaculation once (it was about 6 weeks ago or so), and it was a weird thing indeed. My orgasms feel like a wave of pleasure: they build and hold for about half a second, then subside. Well, that day, I’d experienced the build up, and the hold, and the orgasm was just starting to subside when I shot. This is a very hard thing to do (I haven’t been able to do it since), but the fact that I came so close to doing it that one time is just spurring me on - because I know now that it is possible to have multiple orgasms. (After all, I very nearly did, myself.) I just need to practice holding my kegels harder and longer, I guess.

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I don’t like doing Kegels! I don’t mind in the morning while I have a coffee but during the day and at night I can never get enough done, enough by my standards anyway and I get pissed off with myself. I am harbouring the idea of adding resistance, obviously I would have to have good erection, and put some weight on it like a wet towel or something to begin with and work up. Less reps more weight…makes sense?? Has anyone tried this with any success?

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