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Ab belt for kegels

Ab belt for kegels

This might sound odd, but after using one of the ab belts that shock to flex your muscles, I thought could you use it for kegel workouts? It would be more effective then trying to flex it your self. You can adjust intensity also. Anyone tried it?

Here’s the shocker. Those belts don’t work. Tests show no muscle tone improvement using electic shock.

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Stop being lazy dammit :P. No but seriously I don’t think it would do anything like gprent says and I don’t know how you would go about attaching it all up to be honest, or maybe I just lack imagination.

Sounds like a Frankenstein type of thing. I don’t think it would work.

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I’ve tried it. Late last year when I was at the mall Christmas shopping I bought one of those belts for $7 or something off the clearance shelf at one of those “As Seen on TV” stores. When I put it around my waist, it did make my ab muscles contract a bit, but it’s more like a timed reminder to flex your abs. I tried it on the underside of my cock, on my pad and on my perineum. It just stung — kind of a sharp pinch, or a pin prick. I suspect the problem is that the bc muscle is fairly internal and just shocking the surface doesn’t do much.

There is a whole genre of “e-stim” sex toys like these that use a little electric charge to stimulate your parts somehow. Maybe it feels good to some people, but I suspect it’s a very expensive and inefficient way to do kegels.

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