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My Buckle Belt Hanger (BBH)

My Buckle Belt Hanger (BBH)

I just decided to start to hang so I decided to make a homemade hanging device. It’s a simple yet effective device as weight per se goes. I tested this out on just holding it out in my hand and hanging weight off it and it easily holds 25lbs. You could also use a bigger metal rod if you wanted to, but I leaned towards the less bulky side of making the device.

In IMAGE 178 you can see the back has a decent sized slit throughout the whole backside in order for easier access for inputting.

In IMAGE 179 you can see the metal rod and the 2 hose clamps with dimes in them for fast detachment.

In IMAGE 180 you get a downwards view of the actual device.

In IMAGE 181 & 182 you see the 2 buckle belts: 1 side there are 2 S hooks super glued throughout the hole on one end. The bottom side you can see there is 2 belt key holders (ones you see hung from a person’s belt loop on their pants for their keys).

In IMAGE 183 you can see how it is hooked onto the device.

In Image 184 you can see how they are hooked together. The belt goes through the weight hole and presto. You are ready to roll.

I’ve just started out on 5lbs for 10 minutes and it’s comfortable with the right wrap. In which case I use a shammy cloth with Ace Self Adhesive tape wrapped moderately tight. Hanging only 2x daily is a real workout. I’d like to hear what you guys think on my homemade hanger the BBH.

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And the last 2:

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Items needed:

PVC Piping



Metal rod

2 dimes and 2 hose clamps

2 S hooks

2 belt loop hooks

2 buckles on a 2 belts

Glue gun

*I fortunately had all this at my home; so others may not. You can pretty much eye up the measurements. And that’s a wrap :hanger:

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