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Stretching Question

Stretching Question

I usually start with a warm/hot towel on my penis for a warm-up. Is it ok to instead of pushin the extra skin back to the base, pushing it foward towards the had and then stretching? Can I do that? I do 10 stretches 30 sec. Each stretch and just down. The head of my penis gets very red and I wonder if I am manually stretching wrong. I don’t get dots on it but could I be killing cells in the head or veins?? I seem for some reason to put way to much stress on the head because of the grip and that extra skin always seems to push my grip closer to the head.



Just to be safe, I would grip it lower down, away from the head and that extra skin. There are still nerves in that area, and you don’t want to injure yourself. Gripping half-way down or closer to the base will be just as effective and place less stress on the head. And the extra skin near the base shouldn’t make any difference.

Are you jelqing as well?


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Yes I am jelqing as well. How would you know if you have damaged nerves? I am so worried I am not stretching right but I need length gains bad. I am really stressed that I have been stetching wrong because the tip of my head gets very read and circular cutting the head in half. Half of it is really red after I do a stretch.

Marcus j,

I had the same problem as you when I first began. What helped me was doing just as horsehung recommended and gripping lower down the shaft. I do this now but I must say I did feel a better stretch when gripping higher up, but the feeling and look of the head afterwards really made me stop doing it.

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When you are stretching, how hard should you actually pull? I understand that it shouldn’t hurt, but I wonder if I’m really stretching as hard as I should? Thanks.

I stretch with my grip just behind the glans as well and have also had the same discolorization as you described. One way to avoid this is to switch positions of your hands. Instead of gripping with your pinky finger towards you try reversing this grip so the pinky is away from you. For me this works well although I still grip in both positions. If you still need to grip in this manner try this, once you have gripped your dick and have begun the stretch release your index finger and clamp with your middle finger, this leaves the entire head exposed.

I also stretch with my grip a little further down the shaft as HH and hyyprr do. I think it is important not to use the same grip all the time but rather switch grips frequently.

As hyyprr said I think gripping directly behind the head gives the best stretch. I have never experienced any nerve damage from this.

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