A Septum Question From A Novice

Hello All,

I recently started my PE regimen about two weeks ago. Before I started I thoroughly scoured this and several other forums to gain the most knowledge I could before I embarked on a quest to alter my unit. I decided to become a member here. First of all let me extend a big thanks to all of you for providing me with the information you have already without even knowing it. I am two weeks in and I think I may be an addict to PE.. Or maybe it’s just playing with my dong in general. Haha.

Now with my introduction out of the way I would like to discuss a stretch I have been doing. I have been basically on the newbie routine warm up, stretch, and jelq. I recently though have found a great love for the fowfer. I can’t stop mangina-ing myself the stretch feels awesome.

With that said I have noticed that I may be somewhat limited in length by the septum or otherwise referred to as the dorsal thickening. I also have the upward curve that goes along with it and seems to maybe limit my boners from being longer, time will tell. I’m going to start V stretches and fulcrum stretches, but one thing I have come across that seems to stretch the life out my septum is a flaccid fully stretched BTC fowfer. Then I rock on my unit where it makes a backwards banana opposite of my boner and stretched as far as possible. Then I just add a stimulus to erect myself in this opposite direction. I feel that cord/septum pulling all the way down. And then after I hold this for a good while and pull my unit out and can literally see where the septum was stretching like crazy.

I feel like I may be onto something here. This may be an already covered topic, I’m not for sure, and I’m sorry if it is. Has this maneuver ever been discussed/tried or had happen to anyone? Any other ideas?

Thanks Again