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A Rolling Pin

A Rolling Pin

Wouldn’t using a rolling pin on your dick be the same as jelqing, but hit everywhere more evenly, and spread it out for girth gains as well? Discuss.

There is a device called the Power Jelq, as I recall, that employs that same theory. In that case, it is a dual set of rollers or cylinders applied to each side of the penis.

As with any application of force to your penis, proceed with care. One of the disadvantages of any mechanical device or adjunct is that you lose some of the ‘feel’ of how much force you are applying to your penis, and it makes it easier to apply more force than you may mean to.

Here’s an old thread with the same idea:

Just tried the rolling pin excercise for girth. Woo

Note the caution in that thread by vic20 about how you apply force:

You should NEVER apply that much pressure to the top portion of your dick, you can easily damage the dorsal nerves among other things. If you intend on doing this exercise you’re supposed to apply pressure to the sides, like a power jelq, rather than the top and bottom.


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By far, the best device ever invented for jelqing is your own two hands.

I have always hated the power jelq design as it is not an ergonomically correct way to pressurize the cylindrical shape of your cock and a rolling pin makes the bad design of the power jelq even worse because of the potential for going overboard and really causing damage.

My advice is stick with using your own 2 hands for the optimum jelqing experience.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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