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Rolling Pin effect

Rolling Pin effect

I have been looking around but I haven’t been able to see a girth routine that could give me more girth diameter like those big rolling pins chefs use to cook with so those anyone know any routine that could give that effect?

Well, when you pack a vacuum cylinder, you can’t get any more of a rolling pin effect then that.

I don’t use the vacuum pump right now, but I like my Girth Blasters routine for pumping up the girth to it’s max using the jelq style exercise.

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I’ve been thinking about how to get massive girth over the last few days. The key to the human adaptive process is challenging it in a way, that the way to resist that stress gives the desired adaption. Example runners for long distances, their bodies get extremely light, including losing alot of their muscle and bone mass. Moving over a very long distance is easier biomechanically with a lighter weight. Many of the world class marathoners are to weak to even carry their luggage.

Lets look at another example: push ups. Now first of all their is a lot of nuero-muscle relationship. This accounts for as much as 70% of a beginners’ strength gains. Then there is the atp storage and delivery systems. Then there is the sheer volume of muscle itself which with more of the movement can be done easier. So the pectoral, some shoulder muscles, the triceps and a ton of supportive muscles are developed. Another factor comes into play though as well: your own weight. By cutting down your bodyweight elsewhere, fat, muscle, bonemass etc, the movement also becomes easier. Now for most this is a good thing, however for someone training their entire body looking for ‘mass’ a push up is not a good exercise. Situps are another fantastic example of this. The world record holder in sit ups is a marine. I’ve seen pictures of him.. you could not see his abdominals and he had a light upper body. Thin arms, and hands, little shoulders, plus he had trained himself in long aerobic activities. His bodies endurance was really quite astounding.. and he had certainly done a lot to train.

A bodybuilder however couldn’t care less how many situps he could do, what he wants huge, heavy, and hard abdominals. For this he turns to low repitition situps with added weight. Leg lifts with added weight, crunch machines, etc. The key is low repitition with the advent of increasing amounts of resistance. I have been somewhat concerned by this in regards to pe over the last few days. We need to exactly determine what types of exercises, and duration, intensity, frequency etc, would most logically give the desired adaptation. I must tell you through bodybuilding I went from 145 pounds to 270 pounds, with about the same fat ratio, but it took extensive research on how the body would adapt and why. I am trying to do this with the penis to, however the resources are limited. So far I’ve been working on ballooning my penis. It isn’t like bodybuilding where low reps and high weight seem to be best for girth… as it seems I can get thicker by doing things for longer.. HOWEVER I want to note something.

So far with girth we haven’t devised many tools to aid us. Think of bodybuilding you have weights, dumbells, barbells, many many machines. I need some implements for girth exercising. Like a rolling pin for girth, even the jelq device I saw was good.. allowing you to use leverage to jelq, however I am a broke student, I get money only when my parents give me it, and no way to order things online really. Also for doing squeezes, as I did them this morning I was wishing I had some sort of clamp, which I could gradualy raise the pressure on. Like adding weights slowly as you bodybuild and are able to atain the next level. I see with length we have hanging and lots of devices to attach it.. We need to devise some ones for girth. Hell I think I am going to look for a thin rolling pin, so I can apply some of my bodyweight to jelqing, my hands are getting obliterated atm, which seems to be my limiting factor right now.. hand strength. Probably the most substantial gainer I know of was YGUY, and he was using the jelq device. It makes me think there is really something to the implement thinking.

Let me tell you LOnghorn I want to get fucking huge as well and as fast as possible, its how I do things. I don’t care what is right either, If its faster I will go to it. I dont’ care if I’ve been arguing for years about how one way is the best.. if someone makes the argument for why another way is better I immediately go to it.

good post randolf, I would agree on what you said about the grip strength of the hand.

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Randolf, you can make your own jelq device. To do so you will need a jar lifter and 1/2” or 5/8” foam tubing. I got my jar lifter at Wal-Mart and the tubing at Home Depot in the plumbing section. Its dark grey with a small inner hole meant to cover small copper pipes. I bought the 5/8” tubing but I’ve heard 1/2” is a perfect fit on the jar lifter rollers. If you search this on yahoo you will find that the jar lifter is basically identical to the jelq device. All you need after that is a little super glue to secure the tubing to the rollers. It shouldn’t cost you more than about $8 to make. Quite a deal compared to the device sold on the internet.

By the way, I’m also a broke student.

And how the hell did you go from 145 to 270? I’ve just started into bodybuilding myself and I’ve gone from a slightly chunky 165(freshman lbs) to a more solid 175 in about 2 months

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