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A question about milking

A question about milking

i want to start milking but i want to make sure i know how to do the grip well.

1. im looking at the picture at tom hubbard’s classic site on how to do milking. So i put the thumb under the penis and the other 2 fingers next to the thumb on top and squeeze with the middle part of the fingers? (the bone part?)

this is what it looks like from looking at the pic, anyone have a better description?

or should i just do an ok sign with my thumb and forefinger only? because in the pic it shows 2 fingers on top

Nice to meet you eid2356

There is a ton of info here in this forum, you just have to dig a bit and you can find the answers to most every question you might have.

I’m a newbie also, 2 months in, but my thoughts:

As long as you can restrict the blood from flowing back out of your dick, I don’t think it matters too much.

Personally I alternate both hand positions, and alternate hands, as they fatigue being tasked with one thing for too long, but that’s me. Do what is comfortable and creates the pressure.

One thing is for sure, my hands are getting stronger, my dick might not fair as well, but my hands sure get a workout.

Maybe someone should market jelqing as a hand strengthening exercise :)


You’ll find and overhand ok (thumbs down) works well when jelqing in a downward direction and a standard ok works well when jelqing upwards, but you should try minor rotations within these to find what traps most blood in each stroke.

Try varying degrees of pressure, harder doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Alternate between putting more pressure on the sides and more on the top and bottom.

Be careful of the dorsal nerve which runs along the top of the penis in the middle and especialy of the nerve bundle just before the glans on the top. Its probably best to stop each stroke around 1/2”-1” before you reach the glans.

just a question, when making the circle sign (thumb and forefinger) should the finger tips of those 2 fingers touch, you know should the circle sign wrap around the penis really tight?

Eid, tha thing is… tight is the keyword!

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

just a question when the exercise tell me that i need to be 70% erect what do you mean?

so fully erect means the penis at its full size right? so 70% erect would be 70% of its full size?

how am i supposed to know? do i do this by measuring my penis fully erect first and knowing how its supposed to be? or just any erect less than full erect will do?

A urology friend of mine tell me that a 70% erection is the least firm that can be used for penetration. By feel and experience You should be able to tell. I use “easily bendable” as a hallmark for appropriate level of general purpose jelqing.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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