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A personal story, also seeking helpadvice

A personal story, also seeking helpadvice

So, I have been a member of this forum for a long time. Back in 2005 I posted regarding discoloration, got some advice, and it mostly cleared up and everything was going well. Unfortunately, my workouts disappeared as too much was going on in my life and I was living with my parents and I lost sight of my goals. That really stinks, because if I had continued down the path, I might be at about 7” NBPEL and 4.5-4.75” EG. Regardless, any gains I saw back then mostly disappeared and I went back to a fairly average length with a still tiny girth (about 5.95” NBPEL and ~4” EG).

I was just content accepting my small dick, then something happened. I moved out of my parents house, and got some roommates. Now I am a pretty good looking guy, could use some work on the body, and I have a below average penis. I have always felt that and don’t have a lot of confidence there, but I have confidence for other reasons and can generally get some pretty good looking girls. Plus, I am so focused on getting the woman off, I will usually please her, not likely with my dick, but definitely with oral and other things.

Neither of my roommates are much of the bang anything that walks type, so I had been living with them for a while and no sex really was happening outside of my own exploits. So, one day back in November 2010, I am cleaning around my place and go into my roommates room to get the garbage and see something that made PE come back into my life in a heartbeat - the roommate had recently gotten some action, and in his trash are Magnum XL wrappers. Now, I can barely wear regular condoms because my girth is so small, but this just drove me back to PE with a vengeance.

The next few weeks, I get back into the newbie routine basically and it seems like my old gains from many years ago return quickly. After some sessions I am seeing a 6.2” NBPEL and about 6.75” BPEL, which is a nice start and keeps the excitement fresh for PE exercising. I seem to be very susceptible to discoloration, but I was wondering if anybody else has the following issue:

1. Red, scaly and sensitivity on the tip

It’s almost a blotchy look and isn’t very pretty. I will try to take a picture next time in hopes if people see it they can give their insight regarding what it may be. Generally when this happens I just kind of lay off for a while until it goes away, but it gets annoying, so I was wondering if anybody else had this issue and figured out what caused it, and some changes made this problem stop. Regardless, I can’t stop PE as the issue is just more of a nuisance than anything serious.

A different question revolves around achieving girth gains. What have people found to be the most successful girth gainers that don’t involve serious pressure or potential for injuries? It seems I am susceptible to discoloration and for some reason I figure that means I am susceptible to injuries if there is too much intensity in my workouts. I am going to try to be more involved on the boards as I try to achieve some gains in the girth department.

My short-term (by 07/11) goal is:
6.5” NBPEL, 7” BPEL and 4.25” EG

Long-term (maybe mid 2012):
7” NBPEL, 7.5” BPEL and 4.75” EG

Unfortunately I have always said “I am about six inches”, which most chicks consider average, but if I were saying “I am about 6x4” they would probably know that I am tiny. I want to be confident, and since I do get to fuck most of my exes, I want to fuck them again and have them say, “Wow, that is as big as you have ever felt”. That is such a confidence booster, it’s awesome. Any help or feedback or anything is greatly appreciated. So many success stories on here keep me excited about maybe making the big dick club!


Hey man, you seem to have the most anxiety about your girth. My advice to you would be work on length and girth, but focus mostly on girth. Once you get to 5” (or close enough to that) girth, then I’d suggest you switch focus to length. You have a very good length, I’d say maybe above average, definitely on the higher end of average at the very least.

Not too sure about the discoloration…have you tried firegoat rolls after your exercises?

Also take some pictures of that dick…you’ve already had sex before marriage so whats a picture gonna do?

I seems you have set up a doable goal. And there is nothing wrong with your current size. Good luck with your gains.

Appreciate the feedback, and I will start taking pictures, but I would like to be in a healed state before I take any new pictures. I will definitely start trying the firegoat rolls to see if it helps. For me girth is absolutely the most important right now, I mean yeah 8x6 would rock, but damn 7x5 would be amazing for me. Obviously, any girth gains will make me incredibly happy. Thanks for the feedback

I had the feeling my penis was feeling a bit too dry after PE, what I did is for my jelqing, I put some all natural coconut oil in a bowl and microwave it until it’s just melted and a little bit warm and use that as my lube. Some of the threads on here about dangers of artificial lubes like petroleum jelly scared me, so I switched over. I just take a hot shower for my warm-down after my PE and put a golfweight on and I feel like it’s been very beneficial for healing and the dry feeling. I didn’t really notice discoloration so I’m not sure if it could help with that, but you never know.

Thanks xBigger, where are the posts about dangers of artificial lubes? Perhaps that’s my first culprit to try to change.

Faster Healing and Maybe a Gain Aid

This is one of them, but there were two others I believe. One talked about damage that vaseline could cause on a cellular level and one talked about how to make your own lubes out of different ingredients and possible benefits from them. I can’t find them right now though, it’s the reason I initially switched to olive oil, and now coconut oil.

Also, please make note that I am a freak about these kinds of things though. I regularly drink herbal teas, my parents have their own vegetable garden that I eat from daily, my grandparents and family have cows and wild boar and deer that they butcher and regularly fills my freezer, almost everything I cook is from scratch. I am foolish enough to do something like this that may have almost no real effect, but I think it may have some tiny benefits.

Since you are trying to be astute about your health, you might want to reconsider microwaving the coconut oil. Heating the oil will introduce some radiation into it.

Better to melt it using hot water.

Appreciate all the feedback, and I will continue to work PE and try to reach some goals and minimize coloring issues and injuries.

Nobody has really added ideas on less stressful workouts for girth gains. Can the newbie routine over the long haul provide significant girth gains, or is it necessary to move towards pumps/clamps/more severe workouts? I am not trying to get monster short-term, but if I keep at it for a period with the newbie routine and slightly more intense than the newbie routine, I am hoping I can see some good girth gains.

I would love to see some success stories posted here for anybody who has experienced decent girth gains by basically stretching/jelqing/kegels and what their routine mostly consisted of. Thanks everybody!

Originally Posted by God123
Can the newbie routine over the long haul provide significant girth gains

Yes. It is also some of the safest PE that you can do. So grab every mm of gains, both length and girth, that you can from it.

Plus it’s a prerequisite training and conditioning program for riskier forms of PE. Simply jumping into hard core PE and you raise your chance of Penis = Fail to epic levels.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by Bruna
Since you are trying to be astute about your health, you might want to reconsider microwaving the coconut oil. Heating the oil will introduce some radiation into it.
Better to melt it using hot water.

That’s actually a pretty good idea. I usually don’t think about radiation too much because I ingest lots of beta carotene and other foods that I’ve tend to counteract its effects, but I’ve never really thought about if it would make a difference on the radiation being absorbed in different extremities as opposed to it being ingested and then dealt with… thank you for bringing this up, I will look into it more

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