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A little pain on the gland.

A little pain on the gland.

Is it normal fell a little pain on the gland when stretching? It´s not something that will kill me, just want to peing withou this little discomfort.

[---- I was 4.75" BPEL // I am 6.1" BPEL // I´ll be 8" BPEL ----]

I believe you mean to say ‘glans’?

While stretching, it is normal to feel some discomfort. As for remedies, try using a grip aid like Baby Powder or a glove to help you grip the shaft, and put as little pressure on the head (glans) as possible.

Ok, I´m already doing it. As I said, this will not kill me :-/

Thanks man.

[---- I was 4.75" BPEL // I am 6.1" BPEL // I´ll be 8" BPEL ----]

HI jhabbah,

You don’t want to put to much pressure on the glans.
Over time it may get injured. Pain isn’t that good either.

Try being more aware of your technique. Try to focus
on getting maximum stretch with minimum pressure
and making that a habit.

mopek :)

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