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a little depressed - honest opinion please


Sparkyx clit rubbing and strapons are for lesbians not straight sex!

You do make a good point though :D

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Originally Posted by GainerGuy
Sparkyx clit rubbing and strapons are for lesbians not straight sex!

You do make a good point though :D

good avatar kid

This thread is great, you guys here give amazing advice. Being 19 and coping with weak erections for the past 2 years, and not knowing why in the prime time of my sex life, this thread makes me feel a lot better. To the poster id take your size with a good EQ any day over my size with a poor EQ. Your penis can give girls great orgasms if you know how to use it. I went to high school with a kid that girls said had around a 4-5 inch penis, and every one of them said it was the best sex they ever had(he banged a lot of girls). Go out there with some confidence and bang some chicks.

Originally Posted by Dozed_monkey
Hey man, I’m going to try and top your story. I have a dick that varies between 4-4.5” EL, and so so girth. It looks small, although after doing PE for a while, it seems to look bigger, although the ruler is saying otherwise. Fuck the ruler. I also have a larger concern than my small penis. Lol. That is I was also born with a thing called hypospadias, which is where the urethra doesn’t develop during the womb, so the Doc’s have to pull the foreskin over your penis to create a kind of canvas which forms a urethra. However, over the years, it fucked up, and looked like a red, raw, scraggly hunk of deformed veiny skin on my cock. I’ve recently gone through 2 operations to have it refixed properly, the first of which left my dick as a split sausage when they removed the ‘canvas’. No joke. And I was doing PE at first, because I hoped it would not only get bigger, but stretch the loose skin so it looked more normal.

Anyway, I have grown up with sexual inhibitions, naturally, but as I got older, I’m 22 now, I’ve begun to stop giving a fuck. It’s looking better, but it’s still small, and I’m sticking at PE too. One thing guys always say on the internet is ‘When you meet a girl who loves you, it won’t matter’ and ‘You can use your hands and tongue to satisfy her’ etc etc. Yeah, thanks guys, that’s exactly what every guy wants, to be a domesticated love puppy, who gives everything a girl wants by going down on her every night. Wrong. I don’t even like going down on girls. In fact, like most guys my age, I’m not really looking for ‘the one’, at least not really, I want to hook up with hot babes and have one night stands, have three ways and get head off drunk girls at parties. And I can. The first thing you need to do, is change your mentality, and for this I’d seriously recommend looking into the whole pick up scene, maybe read ‘the game’ by Neil Strauss. It’s the same kettle of fish we’re all eating from, except it actually helps you change your mentality from trying to play up to these standards we *think* women require of us, when in fact if you take the old saying ‘fuck it’ to heart, and start appreciating yourself, you’ll be able to be the best, and possibly most successful lover in the world.

Basically, don’t be a self made pussy. We all come here initially because we’ve had idea’s of masculinity shoved down our throats that have severely coerced our egos into doing PE, working out like mad, trying to sleep with as many women as possible, getting into pointless fights, etc etc. Liberate yourself from these idea’s, and in turn liberate yourself from yourself, and then you won’t sweat about this stuff. I’m not saying give up PE, but I’m saying do it for yourself, rather than stretching for five years and walking up to a women and saying ‘Is this good enough yet’? Women ARE NOT gods. Fuck it, they don’t even know what they want half the time. And at the same time, they are the most loving creatures you could ever meet, and that’s why we come together in these little online groups and try and win them over. My advice to you would be start doing the unthinkably scary things, such as trying to sleep with a women WITHOUT explaining yourself if you get her back to your place with ‘Oh, yeah, about my penis.’. Be bold, break your comfort zones, and walk into the fire, and feel brave afterwards. Remember, bravery only comes afterwards, everyone has to do the things that they fear whilst shitting themselves. But often less than five minutes in, the fear transcends to a dizzy rush of exhilaration and freedom, optimism and opportunity.

So yeah, voyage out of your safety zone, and embrace your life. Make the big dicked guys wish they had small dicks, so they could be like you. Remember dude, we’re all going to die someday, and there’s no such thing as seriousness in eternity, so live the life YOU want to live because NO ONE, and NOTHING has the power to tell you otherwise.



This is just a really, really great post. Thanks for sharing.

Embrace life, do NOT go on a 5 year hiatus, keep doing PE, be confident and comfortable with yourself, go chase them bitches already!


I use to do that in my early PE days. Thinking “oh well I don’t want to get with anyone now with the dick I have now, I’ll just wait til I have a huge dick and then I’ll f*ck every girl I meet”

It doesn’t happen that way. That actually developed a serious issue, a sexual anxiety issue, that made me lose sex drive for years! Because I trained myself, not to want to bang chicks until I had a “x” sized dick. It cost me years of happiness in my life.

Remember this: Your dick is not as small as you think it is!

Everyone on this forum, thinks their dick isn’t big enough. Thats why everyone is on the forum. BUT, theres people on this forum with 8.5 inch dicks! That are still doing PE.. Because they think their dick isn’t big enough.

1. Your hands and tongue do plenty! If you know how to get a girl to have an orgasm, your tongue and hands, and mere ability to arouse a girl can do magic.
2. Do the best you can with the tool you got. If you can’t hit rock bottom, bang it around the sides. You’ll just have to put a lil more effort into it thats all
3. Be open about it if you meet a girl, if you start talking sexually or acting sexually. This will alleviate the sexual anxiety.

Take your situation and run with it.. And in the mean time, you can do PE. Set reasonable goals. If you started with a 4.5 bpel. Than a reasonable goal would be 6.0bpel. That would be just about dead-on average.


At least you’ll get to fuck girls in their ass. I’ve dated several women who claim to love anal sex but wouldn’t let me even try. And anal sex is awesome! You won’t develop a big penis with PE based on your starting stats. Or at least it wouldn’t be worth it to try and get large through PE. Do PE, but put more time into developing other, more important ultimately, areas of your life.

If you’ve got money and/or great social status it won’t matter what sized penis you have. Girls will flock all over you.

You guys are great. I used to be pretty sensitive about being short, and it took me years to get over that, but I don’t really care about that anymore. It kind of limits my options but there are still plenty of girls shorter than me. I guess changing my mindset and PE is going to take a really long time too, but I just have to work at it one day at a time. It is kind of liberating when you don’t care what other people think about you, and I think people really respect that kind of self confidence. But easier said than done.

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^ You’re on the right track! This kind of wisdom comes usually with age (in my case), but smart guys can discover it earlier!

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Hey man, I posted a topic about curvature of the penis in the newbies forum there. You might find it interesting. I’m also sayin in it that you really really don’t need a big dick to make a girl orgasm - after all the g-spot is only roughly 2 inches in really. I mean you can hit it with your fingers.. Don’t worry! Theres no point in not living life just cos of one minor detail. And thats all it is - a detail. From what I can see size only matters to some women, and they seem to be sluts, honestly stupid or extremely loose themselves! And who knows, keep on peing and you might end up with a monster cock ;) seriously tho lad, no point in getting depressed about something that you can’t change overnight. Go live your life and get laid doing it!

Originally Posted by superchill
.. It is kind of liberating when you don’t care what other people think about you, and I think people really respect that kind of self confidence..

I respect it. Men need to have a good dose of not giving a fuck in their attitude. It makes for a good confidence in paving your own road in life. In my personal experience women are attracted to it too.

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Superchill - the worst and stupidest thing that you could do is avoid relationships because of this.obviously if you hear that some girl is a size queen or you hear her talking shit about other dudes’ dick sizes, you should probably steer clear of her, as it’s obvious what kind of chick she is. But otherwise, just enjoy life, and try to get laid, and just see what happens. Not having sexual relationships is far worse than the risk of some bitch trying to embarrass you, and odds are you’ll be surprised at how OK everything is. And once you’ve found one chick who is all over your nuts (not trying to sound misogynist here or anything), you will find yourself less worried in the future if some girl hypothetically may act like you’re not enough for her.

Not to delve in too much about myself, but I’ve got Peyronie’s which causes some ED, and I’ve been nervous enough about the opposite sex that I went two years without having sex. But now, I realize how dumb and unproductive all that worrying was, and to my surprise I’ve had some great sex, and a girl who’s quite in to me (too bad I’ve now moved :) ) I’m much more confident about things now, and the situation more or less has not changed.

Anyways, not trying to hijack your thread or anything, but I’m just saying that you’ve only got one life. We may feel young, but you can never get these years back. Never. Nothing could be worse than not rolling the dice for fear.

Also, my advice would be to go for petite girls too (why the hell wouldn’t you anyways?? :) ) It may be unfair of me, but my perception is that it’s the girls who are a little bigger that really *have* to have more. And most of all don’t show too much in your behavior a lack of confidence due to this (this should come naturally after you’ve dated a chick for a while). If you worry about stupid shit like maybe one day she’ll talk shit about your size or something—you will be at a psychological disadvantage which will have adverse effects in other areas of your relationship. (Just my 2 cents :)

Hey superchill, you should post some full-body shots so we can see how proportional it all is. Also, I love short guys ;-)


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