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A few weeks of disaster

A few weeks of disaster

So I have begun my routine (slightly modified newbie routine, started after tons of reading), and been diligent for a few weeks now. I know I should not expect immediate gains, and I don’t mind waiting - what I don’t like is that I am seeing negative side effects!
Initially I felt like I was moving in a positive direction - I had two nights in a row where I performed better than I ever have before, and felt maybe slightly larger. Then I noticed that the tip was cold and I took like 3 or 4 days off. My penis still feels a bit cold at the tip now, and I notice that I am not waking up with morning wood as frequently. Today I masturbated, didn’t get very hard and sort of pre-ejaculated, and was disappointed (and didn’t seem very large). I have the flu right now, and I think perhaps my out of shapeness and sickness is contributing , but it’s making me nervous ? I’m not sure.
I sorta have the idea that I am not gripping myself properly, and no matter how much I read I don’t find much on grip (although I see a lot of people saying the “safe OK grip”).
I plan on taking a week off, maybe doing a few stretches in the shower, and doing a ton of kegels, but nothing else.

Is this the right thing to do,

And can someone explain the proper gripping as best they can? I have a feeling I must just be overreacting to tiny things, but I want to make sure I’m not going to cause myself damage in the future.

Thanks a lot,

Hello Gus,

A cold tip hmmmm sounds like a circulation issue, do you have any discoloration in the head of your Penis? It could just be you have over done it and feeling ill is not going to help anyway. I would stop the routine for a few days until you and your Penis feels better, Then begin again gradually. I am not a pro but I tried doing this about 3 years ago for a couple of weeks and had a similar problem which is why I quit. I have just started again myself and am looking forward to years of gains. But most of all do not worry you body will heal it self if there is a problem and you will be back in action before you know it, I hope this helps. Bamixgee.

I would say it’s the dick always gets smaller and cold when I’m sick

Hey Gus,

First welcome. Good to see a newbie reading and learning. Second, being overly cautious is usually a good thing in PE. It keeps us from getting hurt.

Now, it appears to me that your sickness may be contributing to some of your symptoms. You may want to stay your present course and rest until you are feeling better. Good call on your part I believe. I don’t think you routine will be as effective if your body is focusing on getting rid of that flu. I don’t think there is anything to really worry about.

Do you have pain anywhere down there? Or unusual bruising or coloration of any kind? If not I would say you haven’t hurt yourself. Gripping doesn’t come easy for everyone. You really have to learn it by trial and error. I think the safest way is the palm down OK grip. Lay your hand palm down on the top of your dick then wrap your forefinger and thumb around it with them meeting on the underside in the classic OK signal (If you know who Buckwheat is this should be fairly easy). Now position your forefinger and thumb OK grip about an inch behind the glans (that is the head of your dick). Then squeeze. If you need help holding on (not slipping, slipping isn’t good really) try using some toilet paper or something along that line to sure up your grip. Hope that helps.


Thank you for your responses! No real bruising, and discoloration was only small red dots just after jelqing (which went away and seemed like they we’re just the tiny blood vessels breaking to grow back larger)

For the grip (1 inch behind the glans one) do you squeeze the blood away from the glans beforehand, or trap it in there (for manual stretches lets say)?


You usually don’t squeeze the blood away willingly.
If this happens your grip already has slipped away from the (supposedly good) starting position to one that isn’t as optimal (or worse), eg. you are now pressing (+possibly damaging) the nerves around the head and along the urethra instead of simply holding your dick.
Your body’s reaction to this risk of damaging is to drain the blood from your dick. This usually can be noticed first at the glans.
As someone else said: If your grip slips while stretching do not grab harder, but just start over.
It’s needless to say that grabbing your dick harder is the natural reaction to something slipping from your hand so you have to look for it :)


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