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A few questions...

A few questions...

First off, what would suggest to gain girth? I would like to gain in length (obviously), but that’s way on the back burner for now. I’m much more concerned with girth. Currently (I started 3-4 days ago) I’m just taking a hot shower, then jelqing for 20-30 minutes, then dunking my penis into pretty hot water for like 5 minutes. Is this (dunking your penis into a cup of hot water) just as effective as a hot wrap? Then I do SOME (prob around 70 a day) kegels.

Does this routine sound good for optimizing girth gains? Any suggested changes?

Finally, are uli’s and squeezing the same thing? And aren’t they the same as Jelqing? They sound REALLY similar.

Oh and does this seem like a good summary to you?

Hotwrap - used to prepare your penis for the exercise it’s going to get and to let it “warm” down.
Jelq - Helps gain girth and length. Most effective technique.
Stretching - helps gain length.
Hanging - helps gain length.
Uli/Squeezing - helps gain girth.
PCExercises/Kegels - strengthens the erection moderately helpful for girth gains.

Thanks! (Great forum btw)


Hey Jonny,
Welcome aboard. Before you concentrate on just girth, read this post by Bib. You may end up changing your mind.

Bib - Healing…and apology!

Ulis and squeezes are different from jelqing and are meant to work different areas of your penis. They are somewhat similar, as most PE exercises are, but try each exercise and pay attention to what it is doing to your penis. You should be able to see a very different effect from each exercise.

Soaking your dick in a container of warm water will substitute for a wrap, just be dam careful you don’t burn yourself.

Your summary is pretty much on the mark, but jelqing may not be the most effective exercise for some people. Some people see no gains from jelqing and move on to other types of PE exercises.

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Thanks mucho for the advice.

Right now, the only real concern I have is girth, but I guess what would be the best thing to do is come up with an optimal measurement (reasonable too) and shoot for that.

so with that in mind, a few more questions…

What’s a good estimate for gaining say, .75” in length and girth? (Assuming 5-6 times a week for 30 minutes a day). 2 months? 6 months? 1 year?

And is this normally what happens?
After “exercising” you become somewhat bigger (Like .2” in length, .2” in girth), but you lose nearly all of it the next day? Because that’s pretty much what I’ve been seeing. I’m assuming the amount your losing the next day is minutely smaller than what you’re gaining after doing the exercises?

This place is awesome btw - best free PE forum I’ve seen.

You are off to a good start!

Take your time. The gains come very slowly. It took about 3 to 6 months for me to see changes. I have been at this for 22 months now almost 23. You will eventually see a difference. Relax and enjoy the trip. The destination is worth it. You will see.

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