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A few questions about clamping

A few questions about clamping

Hi, I’ve been reading a lot here but this is mo first post. My current routine is about 400 wet jelqs immediately followed by 8 minutes of clamping. I do this six times a week and have been for about three weeks. I still haven’t measured so I’m not sure if there are any gains yet.

Rather than a cable clamp, I use a cable tie, the only problems I’ve noticed with that are a bot of pain and a bit of a delay taking it off.

My questions are, is ejaculating after clamping okay, and is a warm up and stretching necessary?

Sharp pain is not good. Are you wrapping?

As for ejaculating. My full clamping routine is 2-3 10 minute clamped edging sets, followed fire-goat rolls then a base okay grip with the left hand for an engorged right-hand masturbation. I’ve found that if I don’t cum I turtle a bit. If I do cum I stay fuller the rest of the day. And it’s been my theory that this helps heal closer to the expanded state.

I’m not wrapping, and the pain is only where the cable tie is wrapped around, the pain goes away about a minute after taking it off. I’m not sure what fire goat rolls are. But what you’re saying is that ejaculating after is better?

I can’t imagine clamping without wrapping. Do a search here on firegoat rolls. It’s primarily to fight discoloration from clamping but I use it all day as part of a regular massage routine - circulation and healing. It’s my theory that ejaculating is better, but you should find out what works best for you.

A cable tie is much too narrow for this. And, if you’re new to PE exercises, you shouldn’t be doing it at all yet.

Originally Posted by westla90069
A cable tie is much too narrow for this. And, if you’re new to PE exercises, you shouldn’t be doing it at all yet.

To add to that. Yes a warm up is definitely needed. Stretching is great too but if you are not looking to gain length it is not a must. Although they do help in supporting any growth of the penis.

Have you tried the newbie routine yet?

If you have, what were your reults and opinions on it?

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