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A dumb question

A dumb question

I’ve read the abbrevaitions, definitions, and have been reading all I can of the entire forum.

However, one thing keeps coming up that I can’t find the definition of.

What does CDS stand for?


Cul De Sac

The area deep in a vagina believed to give multiple orgasms to women.

There are no such things as stupid questions :)

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

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Hmmm, I’m the master G-spot locator at my house. However, I have no idea where that one is. Where would it be on a woman who’s had a complete hysterectomy who no longer has a cervix? She can orgasm vaginally if she’s filled up (takes almost 7.5 girth for that). This is difficult for me and the little fella to do. We have to use me+a toy for now. However, this may simply be from being full near the opening causing the clit to be stimulated too.

Give me an idea where to look and I shall find if it’s there. This is the same woman who KNEW for years that she didn’t have a g-spot. It’s there, you just have to be a bit nimble and creative to get to it.

I am nimble and creative. Years of thinking I had the world’s smallest penis yet still wanting to be satisfactory taught me to be both.

I remember some saying that it’s behind the cervix.

Here’s a link for more info

Deep Penetration Female Orgasm

Hope I was of some help :)

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?

Thank you. I’ll read the info from the link. I’m afraid however, if it’s behind the cervix, we’ll be out of luck.

In regard to the CDS orgasm. I have had allot of success with this one actually. It has been both helpful in creating a stronger more explosive “O” for my girl as well as tapping into her ability to have multiples. Please take what I am saying as informational here. You asked for detail but I am not trying to write a porn here. My first recommendation for CDS orgasm is she needs to be warmed up first. I usually perform orally until she has her first “O” and I may or may not use my fingers (lightly) or the erect penis and glans over the vulva to give her another. I usually do. This means I give her 1-2 “O’s” before penetration. After that I don’t even penetrate the vagina deep initially. I usually will penetrate just deep enough to feel the glans fully enveloped and slide back out. Taking time and not pumping like a jack rabbit allows her to have more sensation and continue to rub the vulva and penetrate superficially until she has another “O”. The key is that it really warms her up and relaxes her and allows the penis even more time to be fully excited and fill with blood. So when you go in full and complete it works to keep your pubic bone under hers and to flex the hips up, alot like doing an abdominal crunch. From there, moving in circular motion and in out superficial/deep should open up the CDS as long as you are also long enough to hit it for her. I am only 6” at this time and it seems to be enough for my girl. It feels like a tough band or ligament sliding over the head of the glans and you may feel a popping sensation. My girl looked at me in surprise the first time she felt it and just asked me “What are you hitting?” It was completely new for her and she says it felt different and yet so good. She loves having orgasm from this now. I also like turning her over on her belly and with legs closed penetrate her while straddling her. It hits the same spots but it may take about 30-40 minutes for her to achieve orgasm this way. She usually begs me to let her turn over after about 15-20 minutes but teasing is half the fun, right? And then if I don’t give in to her demand she has an explosive “O”. Oh yeah I think the CDS taps into the ability of female ejaculation as well. Have not proven that one yet but she is soaked after doing it this way. There is a degree of endurance here but it is possible. Possibilities are endless. I hope some of this helps.


Good information here. The description was helpful. Now I know, we’ve been doing somthing similar before, but not lately. We can get that kind of orgasm if (a)I last long enough, and (b)she’s on top. Since her back injury, she hasn’t been on top much. Now, because of the positioning involved, I understand why more length is needed to “hit the spot”. We should be able to get it easier now too, after the hysterectomy, her vagina is much shorter.

We’ll just have to do some practicing. Too bad, the kids are both home this morning. We’ll have to wait.

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