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A bit freaked out

A bit freaked out

I’ve been PEing for like 2 weeks now, if that. It’s AMAZING how well it’s working. I’m only 18, and I think that has a lot to do with the gains, but I’ve gained at least an inch in both length and girth (probably an inch and a half in girth), and my penis never tires. I can seriously jelq, stretch, Uli, whatever, for hours.

The difference PE has made is seriously noticeable, but I’m a bit freaked out, because one side is getting bigger than the other. This is kinda hard to explain, but my cock used to be very linear. Like straight line from base to head when erect. Now on the left side it’s still linear, and on the right side, it’s bulged. It seems like the right side is growing much faster than the left. Has any one experienced this?

In all my exercises I alternate hands, so neither side gets more attention. The only thing I can think of, is the way I grip my penis with my right hand during masturbation pulls much more on the right than on the left, and I think it’s growing to that mold quite a bit.

Anyways, does anyone know what can be done to fix this, and will this go away naturally as I get bigger?

(By the way, I’m strictly masturbating with my left hand only, to try and ‘counter’ the effects)

Congratulations on the extraordinary newbie gains.

I’ll let an expert answer your questions regarding the uneven CC.


Maybe it’s a tumor?

I don’t know but expect it has something to go with your weirdly fast gains.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I hope you’re kidding, iamaru. I seriously doubt his PE exercises have induced uncontrolled, progressive multiplication of cells, and an abnormal growth of tissue thus. That is, by definition, a tumor. He’s just working one side of the CC more than the other.


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Something smells rotten in the state of Louisiana.

You lost me, gprent. :)


Andrew, in my first few months I had what looked like a “blow out” on the right side, your case sounds similar. It was odd but I never panicked, it has went away with time, I am not saying yours will.

What happened to “newbie gains” guys?

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