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I'm freaked out now! (Premature Ejac from PE??)

I'm freaked out now! (Premature Ejac from PE??)

I have been doing PE for about 5 weeks now. My routine consists of manual stretched, jelqs and kegels.

A while ago I talked to my ex and we decided to get back together for some sex, as we had both gone without getting any for a long period of time, and our sex had always been amazing. I have always been able to last a long time before cumming. Most of the time I have to “force” myself to ejaculate (by holding my breath and heavy kegeling). This time however, which was the first time since I started PE, I came inside her after about 3 minutes! We were both a bit shocked at first since this had never happened before. She was all calm about it after a while, but I went into panicmode. My first thought was: “could this be a result of PE?”. Then I thought about the fact that I had masturbated a lot without allowing myself to ejaculate lately. I have cut down on ejaculations by masturbation from once a day to 2-3 times a week, but I can’t seem to keep myself from masturbating. So I just do it until I’m almost at my climax, and then stop.

We didn’t talkt about it at all. A few days later we met up again. I actually managed to keep myself from thinking about it this time, yet it happened again. This time even earlier. She was giving me head, and after a few strokes I came. This time I was devastated! I seriously had to struggle to keep myself from bursting out in tears in the bathroom afterwards. Once again, she was really nice about it. She said that it was probably just a temporary thing, and that we could just watch a movie and try again if I wanted. After the movie I was actually rock hard, so she went down on me again. Everything was going alright, even if the only thing in my mind was “please don’t cum, please don’t cum”. I entered her and it felt great. Did the missionary for a short while. Then went to doggystyle. I was pumping really hard and managed to give her an orgasm. Shortly after though I felt it again. I was about to cum. I tried to stop, but it was too late. She was satisfied with cumming and all, but this was nothing compared to our sex life in the past. I mean, we could go on for hours nonstop. I am so damn freaked out right now, that this post is probably full of grammatical errors, but I just had to get this off my chest and see if anyone has any thoughts about this. The way I see it, it has to be the result of one of these factors:

1.) Less masturbation
2.) Masturbation without ejaculation
3.) PE..?

Any comments are appreciated!

It can mean many things. First of all by doing jelqing and stretching you sensitive your penis and also your brain (my thought). You know your are touching you every time inch by inch. Your blood flows more, your penis is more flexible and most of all your girth and your erection level is much higher. This means more stimuli I guess.

Masturbation isn’t the problem, I guess. First of all you should do the interrupt thing. Before you cum just stop. Wait half a minute and of we go. Just don’t think about time. If you are about to ejaculate stop some secs. You can change positions, use your fingers to get here busy or well touch her.

Try it. By the way you can learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation. Just follow the stop wait some time and go on stuff even when masturbating. A woman doesn’t get down that easily so you are in charge here :-) . And while advancing in ejaculation-prevention training the time you need to stop shortens down to about 5 secs. Some people claiming to go on without a stop (just by doing a long kegel and think about stopping) but I didn’t managed that yet. But I managed to separate the orgasm form the ejaculation for about I guess 2-3 secs. You know I have the full pleasure without having to stop before I reach the tip of the iceberg.

Just train and try it. Do a test and don’t tell her. Lets see if you manage to get her off from noticing the stop :-) . If not just tell here and let her help you, it’s a win-win situation so she is likely to do not say No.

Perhaps you should simply quit PE for 1-2 weeks to see if it gets any better…and keep us informed.

Thanks to BreadUnit and john7grains for your comments.
Anyone else who wants to share their point of view on this?

On a positive sidenote, she actually mentioned that it felt like I was bigger than before. I haven’t told her about PE and I haven’t actually seen any change myself, so that was very positive and felt good. But heck, I could have a ten incher, and it wouldn’t do me any good if I couldn’t last more than a few minutes in the sack!


I would suggest a search on premature ejaculation, there are several on the forum. It can be controlled, read what regularwhiteguy had to say about it.

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Thanks for your comment. I have read a lot about premature ejaculation, both on this forum and other sites. But the answer I’m really looking for is how this could have happened, and if it could have anything to do with my PE routine. I know a lot of people have stated that they have gotten rid of the problem by doing PE, but has there been anyone who has actually obtained premature ejaculation from PE?


I focused on never masturbating without allowing myself to ejaculate. Also, after reading a post by Deuska about the subject, I noticed that I too had the tendency to kegel during masturbation and sex without being aware of it. So I tried to focus on preventing this. I had sex with my ex again last night, and this time it was like the good old days. At first it was a bit awkward since we were both afraid that it would happen again, but once we got past that everything went great! Once again, I had to force myself to ejaculate. I’m so relieved now!

I think it was the quickies that were killing you. A while back, I had great stamina, but I screwed it all up with week after week of quickies. I’ll never allow myself a quickie again after that.

B Rob:

I haven’t had any quickies (or sex at all for that matter :' ) since my last relationship ended (6 months ago), so it couldn’t have been that.

Huh? I could have swore you mentioned quickie masturbation somewhere. That could have been another thread, since there seem to be a lot of premature ejaculation threads popping up.


Once I learned about kegeling, and applied it during sex I didn’t last as long, it get you too the edge pretty quick.

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