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A big hello to you all an a couple Q's

A big hello to you all an a couple Q's

Hi guys - This is my first post so a big hello to you all. I’ve just started PEing and it seams to be going ok, although I now spend an hour in the shower every morning so my housemates hate me.
Anyhow - I have a couple questions I couldn’t seem to find the answers to -
First; is there a way to let out some of the blood in your cock when erect? Basically I find when I’m jelqing it goes ok for about 3-4 mins and then I just kind of get fully erect and jelqing becomes really really difficult, also this would be insanely useful during/before sex to slow things down a little.
Second - with jelqing I’ve been watching the vid’s and they all seem to say - keep one hand squeezed at the tip and then follow up with your second hand. Basically is the point to elevate pressure between the grip of your two hands or should this be avoided?

Many thanks

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Hi there and welcome.

As far as the erection problem goes, your penis is learning the difference between work and play, give it time to learn. When you are jelqing and get an erection, stop—let it subside—continue. Repeat as often as necessary. I can’t really answer your second question, but one of the guys should be along to do so shortly.

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Stop jelqing a do 10 or 20 kegels, that should help the erection subside. Don’t make me find that Rosie O’Donnell picture again.

Yes, the idea is to increase the pressure.

Seem is the word you want, not seam, and anywho, not anyhu. ;)

Welcome to the forum!

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Ahhhh - kegels relieve pressure? Will have to experiment

Welcome GT.

Thunder and Sunny pretty much answered all your questions.

You could always jelq in the morning and stretch in the evening. That way, you spend less time in the shower and you roomies won’t hate you.:D

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Welcome GT. About the shower thing for stretching use a hot wrap in your room for warm up and stretch there. For jelqing just go down to your local sex shop and buy a big bottle of water based lubricant and apply plenty and jelq in room. Then have a shower for your warm down.

Cheers for the advice guys - wrinkled up hands from being in the shower for ages and jelqing does NOT go well together.

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