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9 inch routine

9 inch routine

Even though I’m just starting Penis Enlargement I think the idea size for me would be to get a 9 inch dick or whatever size Mandingo is. I don’t care how long it’ll take, I will be dedicated and I will stick to it everyday.

I’m now at 6 inches, I don’t know my girth but I would also want the width of my dick to be bigger as well.

As a matter of fact I would also appreciate it if someone post videos of the exercises and throw in some instructions on how to kegel and reverse kegel too.

I know there are a lot of videos posted on this site. Take a look at the new member instruction page and you can find a link to it there.

length seems to come easier for most guys so you should concentrate on length exercises first.Although you will get slight girth from many length excersises.

You look very dedicated Supperman, good luck at reaching your goals

You can find the instruction videos here Penis Enlargement Videos. Start with the newbie routine though, this to condition your penis.


Be careful what you wish for. I had a starting length close to yours. After 4 years I got to 9” BP and 8” NBP by 6” girth. My wife has had 3 kids and is a little looser than when she was 18. The problem is that I hit bottom all the time now and she gets sore everytime after intercourse. I am convinced that many women have a hard time taking extra length. I remember Bigger saying that his wife told him to stop with the length work and concentrate on girth. If you are able to get to 8” BP you will be fine for most women as well as small cattle. Good luck.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Mandingo’s dick is probably over a foot long. Good lluck with that shit.

I’m currently at 7and1/25 and 6” girth. Is there a thickness thats too big also?

Originally Posted by JonS
I’m currently at 7and1/25 and 6” girth. Is there a thickness thats too big also?


Nice stats.

I can sometimes hit 6.25” midshaft when using a cock ring. No problems as of yet, vaginally or anally. However, sometimes the palate of their mouth will scrape my glan during a blowjob.

Also, I can fist most of my partners, albeit they can perhaps only take about five to ten minutes of this. By the way, my wrist measures 7” in diameter.

Although, the elasticity of the vaginal canal always amazes me, I would estimate that anything over 6.75” in girth is pushing it for most women. Especially if you like to make love for long periods of time.


As of March 2006: 7.75" BPEL x 6.0" midshaft girth

Next goal: 8.25" BPEL x 6.5" midshaft girth

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