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7"...WOW... New goal needed

7"...WOW... New goal needed

Incredible. 7 inches BPEL achieved.

OK I admit that I had been edging and ballooning all evening.
And that I was tanked up on poppers.
And that I had had a tiny corner off a Viagra tab.
And that when I say bone pressed I mean bone PRESSED

but hey……..

…well I’m pleased as punch.

New goal needed - what shall I go for by September say?

And more important, how do I consolidate these gains? ‘Cos I don’t wanna lose it!!!

1.2” since Nov 15 - Good Job!

What’s your routine? Stretching or hanging? Any jelqing?

Started off Kegels (100) and Jelqing (200-250).

Now same Kegels and Jelqing (600-700).

PE 5 out of 7 days but days off irregular.

Recently started edging and ballooning - great results.

No hanging or stretching - reckon I’ll save all that for when I run out of these initial gains.

Think I’m going to add in an IR lamp.

Only problem has been a bit of discolouration but it seems to go after a couple of days off.

That’s amazing! I didn’t know you could get length gains without stretching or hanging. So what do you think was most responsible for those impressive gains - jelqing?

Do you do a bit of stretching/pulling for each jelq?

That’s great dude! Good gains.

I keep preaching that edging is the shit! It is fun and it gets results.

I’m happy for ya man. Get those stats changed!!!


When I hit 7” I was, and still am, so happy!

Keep stretching and jelqing to cement your gains. In a few months (at least for me) you will always measure 7” even without bone pressing to the max. Bone pressing to the max gets me just slightly under 7-1/8” now.

My personal goal is to hit 7-1/4” next and then work towards 7.5”… etc.

I think the best way to cement is to jelq… just my opinion.

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

Thanks VvC, Will leave the stats until mid May - watch this space!!!

Yes I do pull a bit as I jelq. I tend to have a different them for each 100 jelqs. Like 100 with pulling, 100 to the left, 100 to the right. Makes it less boring.

However, edging is certainly does it for me - I was solid as a rock this evening - and the gains really seem to be coming through, although I have added almost no girth. In fact, because I am on Tongkat, my rod seems a bit slimmer: like being ripped after a long period training at the gym I guess.

Whats Kegels

Wow thats impressive dude.. Didn’t know amyl nitrate could do that, always figured it was an.err.. Bum thing, gave me nasty headaches though but it’s fun.

You really should try stretching after your jelqs.. There extremely easy to do and will save you a lot of trouble and effort. I’m on my 4th week of PE and I do the same amount of kegels as you, to start off first week and second I jelqed 2 seconds per jelq x200 and third and fourth week I’ve been jelqing 200-400 jelqs but 600 jelqs will wear me out, I find it sometimes annoying trying to get a little more blood and I have to stroke myself every 80 jelqs. I then do stretching for 5-6 minutes and then scrotal massage, of course this is all during a shower. Monday it will be the start of the 5th week, I believe I’ve gained 2 or 3/16 inches erect length. I really don’t know how I should be measuring I have a slight upwards curvature that when straightened can reach almost 6 and a half and when I stretch flaccidly it can be upto 6 3/4 or 7.. Oh well, keep on doing pe dude good luck.

Hungsexuyyg, before you post questions you should read the first thread in the newbie section, it is filled with information, then try the search engine and Im sure you will be able to answer most of your questions yourself without having to wait for a reply. Welcome to Thunders and good luck.

started jan 05 5.5X4.5 3-01-05 5.75x5 4-01-05 5.9X5 5-01-05 6.0x5

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