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5 second hold Kegel

5 second hold Kegel

Lately, I’ve realized I have been completely neglecting my kegel exercises.

I am trying to master the 5 second squeeze Kegel. However, I can only seem to squeeze really hard when i am erect…

Anyone got any tips on how to perform better kegels and doing them with proper form, and anyway to monitor that you are doing them very well and squeezing hard without being very erect?

Also any general tips on kegels would be helpful, I am also having trouble performing the “push” or “pull” reverse kegels, any tips on performing those better would be awesome. Thanks

Not too sure about proper form but I always try to isolate the kegel as much as I can even thought it is pretty much impossible. By this I mean minimizing the ass squeeze, the reverse kegel isn’t really noticeable but becomes more so after the pc or bc muscle gets stronger. Why can you only squeeze hard when erect, you might be squeezing hard when flaccid but there is little movement?

(Started 15/1/09) BPEL 6 1/4 inches, Girth base bit over 4 1/4, inches Girth mid 4 inches

(Update Now) BPEL 7 1/8 inches, Girth base 5 3/8 inches, Girth mid 4 7/8 inches

I can squeeze when I’m flaccid, but I feel like there is no way for me to really KNOW that I’m isolating the BC muscle.

I am also trying to do as you said - minimizing the ass squeeze, but it’s really hard, and when I’m not erect I am not 100% sure I’m really squeezing the BC muscle.

When I am erect, I can FEEL the BC muscle squeezing. Hope this clears up why I am asking advice.


Also for those that have been doing your kegels for a while. Are you really able to shoot your load farther?

I am fairly certain that the endurance effect from kegels are real. Right?

You can stretch your flaccid penis and feel tugback when you squeeze your PC muscle.

Originally Posted by Pillars
You can stretch your flaccid penis and feel tugback when you squeeze your PC muscle.

This is a very good point. In fact, I do 100 of these during the stretching portion of my routine.

HOwever i am talking about during the day where i’m in traffic, or just sitting in class. Where i can do kegels but not put my hands down my pants. Any advice?

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