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3 Questions

3 Questions

Hi Thunder’s place, I’ am new here, first of all sorry if my English is not perfect, as it isn’t my first language. I found out about all these penis enlargement techniques and I thought: “well why not?, maybe I can try them for a while and see what happens”. I want to say that I’m trying this first of all trough a self-improvement perspective, to maximize myself, not to impress others, it’s the same thing as working out, I do it so that I can feel healthy and in shape, not to show off muscles. With that said, I’m the type of person who decides to do something, but always thinks twice, so I did a lot of research in many sites and blogs, at first I thought all of this was fictional crap, but after more research, I understood that is impossible to not be true with so many people reporting success. But some also report injuries, problems and complications. Well, I guess that happens too, so before I do some of this stuff, I tried to understood my own situation and relate it to all the research that I did, and I have these 3 questions:

1- stretching: I understand that the ligaments can be stretched, as I already have a bit of proof of that in myself, when 100% erect, my penis goes slightly towards the left side, I guess this probably comes from masturbating with my right hand aplling pressure towards the left side, the penile shaft is straight (meaning its not curved to the left, it has a slight upwards curve tough), its the way it comes out of the body itself, if I try to move it in the base I feel very low tension towards the left side (meaning that my right side ligs are more stretched and flexible), but more tension towards the right side (meaning that my left side ligs are still a bit rigid) but this is just a curiosity, my actual question is this: I have a very high erection angle (11’00 clock) when 100% erect, I can still maintain 100% erection if I push it down to 10’00 clock, even if it starts to happen a bit of pressure, finally I can still push it down to more or less 9’00 clock, but at that point, not only I start to feel the ligs at the dorsal side of the base too tight, but also detumescence occurs, some of the blood inside the penis flows back, and my erection drops to 80% or lower (obviously this means that also start losing length and girth because the erection is becoming weaker). For example the proper way to measure your penis is on the dorsal side, parallel to the floor which is equivalent to 9’00 clock, I can do that but I have to be very quick before the erection starts dropping below 100%. My question is, is this normal? I mean, is it possible that I have some kind of valve/vein problem that induces detumescence at around 9’00 clock, or is it just because it’s too much pressure from tight ligs and other factors that weaken the erection when its pushed down too much beyond its 100% peak point? Any other users with high erection angle also experience weakening of erection when they push it down too much? I guess I could do some downward stretching, to reveal more inner penis and lower a bit of my erection angle to the 10’00 clock point, the thing is if I do that together with other exercises, and my penis effectively becomes bigger and heavier my erection will probably start hanging lower. Won’t my erection quality suffer because of that? If one day my penis ends up having an erection angle close to 9’00 clock because of downward stretching and/or the added heaviness of the shaft (from girth gains from jelqing, for example) will my erection quality still reach 100%, because the adequate blood flow required for an 100% erection adapts to this new erection angle?

2 - jelqing: I have a very “veiny” penis, besides some smaller ones, I have a big one on each side, one below the glans, and my dorsal vein is also somewhat noticeable under my foreskin (I’m uncut), they’re painless, and mostly they are just there, never gave me any problems as far as I can remember, I also honestly don’t remember when they started appearing or if they were always there. I’ve read about thrombosed veins, where they stop resembling a normal vein and start looking and feeling like this cord-like thing under your skin, I guess that if I’m going to jelq I’ll have to do it properly to avoid this nasty side-effect, but my real question is what exactly is the best way to jelq for uncircumcised guys, so that we are actually jelqing the shaft and not just skin? I’ve read about this technique where you put one hand at the base of the shaft in the pubic area, and push your skin as much as you can and just jelq with the other hand, using the same principle but using only one hand, ok grip from the base to below the glans, but then instead of starting with the other hand, you just loosen the grip, go back to the base and do another stroke with the same hand. Is this as effective? Any other users out there that are also uncircumcised, how are your experiences with jelqing?

3- Kegel- I’ve been doing both kegels and reverse kegels for a while now, most of the time in flaccid state, I tried to kegel while erect and it made me lose a bit erection.. Wtf? Aren’t these supposed to shoot blood to the penis, so why did my erection weakened a little bit after I did just 2 or 3? While I contracted my muscle for like 2 or 3 seconds while doing one, I looked at my glans and it actually looked more engorged and reddish, but as soon as I released the muscle the glans lost engorgement and the erection dropped a bit below 100%. Meanwhile if I do a reverse kegel while erect I don’t seem to lose as much erection, and the glans gets a bit of engorgement but not as much as with a normal kegel (but immediately after that erection goes down). So correct if I’m wrong, normal kegels on the flaccid state will train your PC muscle to shoot more blood to your penis when its time to get an erection, but if you actually do one while erect, the contraction and subsequent release of the muscle, will actually “kill” a little bit of your erection, right? At least that’s what happens to me. What are other peoples experiences on this?

PS: sorry, I guess it was more than just 3 questions :)

Thanks in advance.

Damn I saw “3 questions” as a title, I opened the thread and then I fainted.

Hopefully someone will be kind enough to help, I have a strong urge to sleep now :)

I’m working on it Walter. How about we divide and conquer. Answer one question and I’ll get the next.

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1. I have not heard of that problem, but I remember having a high erection angle as a teenager, to the point that it would hurt a bit if I tried to lower it too much, and now I have a lower erection angle in my early 30’s, and after a few years of PE. I still get 100% erections, maybe not quite as often as a teen, but still plenty often. If you did PE, over time your erection angle would probably lower. You would probably still be able to get 100% erections at the new, lower angle.

2. Try dry jelqing (no lube) and using your foreskin to move the jelq up the shaft. The skin takes the place of the lube.

3. Yes, doing a kegel can decrease erection. It could also increase erection, or have no effect. And yes, general pelvic floor strength will help your erection quality in general, as well as sexual continence.

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1_ YOu’re trying to push your penis to an unnatural angle while at 100 EL, doing so you put a lot of pressure on the base, hence why you lose some % of erection.
I agree with what BD said.

2. Veins are sightly, enjoy them. The most important part of jelqing is how you perform it. Do them very slow , focus on each rep, the blood moving inside the penis and keep a decent EL. I jelq to the head with the right hand, once I reach the glans I add the left hand (overhand grip) at the base and squeeze. Then I use the right hand to pull the skin toward the testicles and proceed to the next jelq.

They answered the ones I can help you with. I’m just now learning how to properly stretch. Measuring is done at the 12 o’clock position laying the ruler on top of your penis. Losing your erection while measuring is typical. Don’t read anything into it.

Started: 01/01/2015 ~ BPEL: 7.2 inches. EG: 5.5 inches. [05/01/2015: BPEL: 7.6 X 5.5.] [08/06/2015: 7.75 X 5.5] Goal: Better EQ

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Originally Posted by How lack
They answered the ones I can help you with.

I see I see. How unfortunate. B-)

Originally Posted by Walter5169
1_ You’re trying to push your penis to an unnatural angle while at 100 EL, doing so you put a lot of pressure on the base, hence why you lose some % of erection.

That makes sense to me. Maybe if I stretch my upper ligs for a while and they become more flexible, I’ll be able to push my erection down without losing any % of it because there won’t be so much pressure at the base.

Thanks for your answers guys. I’ll start and keep a light routine for the next couple of weeks just to see how my downstairs friend react. I’ll keep in touch. I promise not to write such a huge testament next time, lol. Thank you.

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