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3 months report

3 months report

Hey guys.

I don’t have any “real” friends who’s doing pe and I feel have to share
My 3 months with someone.

Today exactly 3 months of pe my results are:

1 cm lenght
1cm girth

Feels fantastic and I’m and gonna keep doing this.
I’m now on 17cm and my goal is 19cm.

My routine:

Warmup 10min
150 jelqs with some squeezes (I don’t know what they are called).
Stretching, up down left right and straight out. 30 sec each way times 4.
Warmdown 10min

To all of you having no gains, it took me 3 months before they came so hang in there.

Take care and oh English is not my first language, so sorry for misspelling etc.

Good job rentor. Keep up the good work. Seems like good gains after 3 months.

Starting Measurements - BPEL 6.5" EG 5"

Goals - BPEL 8" EG 6"

Current Measurements - Gaining length mostly

Good gains for a 3 month period. I had the same gains (except girth) in about a month and a half. Is that 17cm bone pressed or No bone pressed?

Current measure ment 8-2-06 EL- 5.5, EG- 5.25, BPEL-6 7/6, BPFSL-7.25

Short term goal EL- 6.0, EG-5.5

Long term goals EL- 7 to 7.5, EG- 5.5 to 6.0

“Is that 17cm bone pressed or No bone pressed?”

Uhm I don’t know what that is, is it when you press it down?

I just take a ruler, put it on my anaconda and measure.
I always measure the same way though. So I can see my gains.

Great gains rentor keep up the good work and stick with the routine. Your post is a great motivation to newbies who are feeling down about gains.


"What You Are And What You Want To Be Is What You Do"


Good job. Those are the kinds of results I’d like to get after three months.

10/01/2006: NBPEL: 5.750" BPEL: 6.000"

04/01/2007: NBPEL: 6.250" BPEL: 6.750"


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