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3 Months into PE

3 Months into PE

Long time lurker, first time poster. It’s still early days yet but after 3 months of consistent PE I thought I would report on my good progress up to this point. My starting measurements on the 1st of May 06 were 6 5/16” BP erect and 4 1/2” erect circumference. On the 1st of June BP erect was up 3/16” but circumference remained static. Then 2 days ago on the 1st of July BP erect was up another 3/16” and erect circumference had moved up by a full 1/4”.

I think the biggest issue for many newbies is the old MacDonald’s Mentality of “wanting it and wanting it now”. As so many others say patience, technique and consistency seem to be the key. If I can maintain even 50% of those gains over 12 months I’ll be at 7 1/12” BP length and 5” circumference. My long-term goal is 8” x 5 1/2” and I see this as being very achievable.

My routine is fairly simple and combines a few of what I think are the best techniques I have found in the hours of trawling Thunders threads (this site, by the way, is highly addictive). Most of my strategy is build around ‘Memento’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism’ with a couple of variants. I mix up my morning sessions with Mems reverse V stretch (using my faithful can of baked beans as my between the legs stretch device) on odd days and Mr Orange’s O-Bends on even days. The evenings are devoted to the standard Mems Jelqing etc. Although I am about to gradually introduce Erosets Vein Oil for my jelqing lube (my wife is an aromatherapist and when I asked her to make the mix up for me she warned me not to come crying to her if I burnt my dick off). My warmup and warm down are done using a hot rice sock and I have also started using the sock for warming down post-wank. I find this leaves my unit nice and fluffy afterwards, very like it is post Jelq.

As an aside I also do a bit of gentle stretching when I go to bed by sticking my dick between my legs (lying on my side) and then drawing them down gently to get a nice lig-tug and during the day I always make sure my dick is firmly pulled down (pointing towards my bum). These two techniques seems to have taken away any signs of turtling and I seem to have a nice consistent flaccid hang now.

I am also doing some edging and trying to teach myself to be multi-orgasmic, The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Matak Chia and Douglas Abrams being essential reading for those interested. I love to wank as much as the next man but there does seem to be some evidence that excessive ejaculation (as opposed to orgasm) seems to be detrimental in some ways to PE. I also love the idea that I could in time offer my lady not only the opportunity of going to bed with a man with a PHD (Pretty Huge Dick) but also one who has complete mastery of it as well.

I’ll be back next month to report my progress

Congratulations !
It will be good if you place the hyperlink when you refer to other threads. Then the reader doesn’t have to do a search.

I’m into my third week with the Newbie Routine (reduced version) see NEW newbie + advanced routine
and therefore curious to know what your routine exactly during the first month and and at what time intervals you advanced the routines. I understand that one should not overdo.

Hi Starter47,

Sorry no idea about hyperlinks but I will make it a task to learn!

My first month PE was basically jelqs and probably done a little ham-fisted to begin with so it’s quite surprising I managed to get a bit of length anyway. I suppose a combination of the infamous ‘newbie gains’ and solid consistency got me there.

By month two I was into the Memento routine and it’s just in the past 2/3 weeks the other techniques have come on board. I think the main thing is I have been very consistent and persistant.

I don’t particularly want to get into the extremes of clamping and hanging but I am convinced from all the threads I have read that good gains can be got from a good combo of manual stretching and the various jelq techniques.

Hope this helps. Good luck and keep in touch with your progress.

PS Started using Erosets Vein Oil last night and no issues whatsoever with burning my dick off. Indeed I found it to be excellent; left the little guy all warm and (flaccid) puffed up and it’s stayed that way all today as well.

In just two posts you have essentially summed up the entire site, LWH. Mem’s stuff is good stuff and I wish you the best, but do not get discouraged if the gains suddenly seem to stall.

The reality seems to be for many guys that the bio-mechanical process reaches equilibrium at some point (different for everyone) and breaks or changes of routine are sometimes necessary to maintain progress.

I have been practicing PE for about 8 months and gained about 1.25” bpfsl, but in the last three months I have gained virtually nothing.

Don’t do anything to change what you have going now, until you absolutely have to - research your next routine while taking a few weeks off or something (deconditioning?) and then try again.

Your gains are not uncommon, but it seems they have made a believer out of you! Keep it up in Melbourne, and welcome to Thunders.

"Debate the idea..."

Good job, keep it up

Thanks Goonbaby for your kind words. Yes I am well aware of potential for a gains plateau. I am already planning for this probable occurrence, doing my research on viable alternative routines. I think a Power Jelq will be on my shopping list as from what I have read the PJ really ramps up on standard jelqs. But I am in no hurry at this stage, I’ll just keep working ‘junior’ and see where we go when the time comes.

If there was one piece of advice I could offer other newbies is try to relax into the whole process. I understand for many there is a lot of stress around the potential rewards of PE (“what if it doesn’t work for me?”) but in my brief experience all I can say is try to enjoy yourself. Make it fun, make it a game; yes there is a serious side to it but hey, up until about 4 months ago (when I first found out about PE and Thunders) I though what I had was what I had, no future, no hope and definitely no big dick!

Now I know different and that seriously puts a smile on my dial.

Originally Posted by longwidehard

Hi Starter47,

Sorry no idea about hyperlinks but I will make it a task to learn!

If you want to refer to another thread and also want to show where it is, all you have to do it right-click on the title of that thread and click (left) on the context menu line “copy link to clipboard” and in your post insert by again right clicking at the location in your post and selecting “paste”


I don’t particularly want to get into the extremes of clamping and hanging but I am convinced from all the threads I have read that good gains can be got from a good combo of manual stretching and the various jelq techniques.

I am of the same opinion. Unless I reach a plateau before reaching my initial goal, I will stick to manual stretching and jelq techniques adding Edging, Ballooning and Pumping at a later stage..


Hope this helps. Good luck and keep in touch with your progress.

Thanks for your info. Wish you further success too.

I am on the list of volunteers of J123 in the thread I mentioned earlier and will be posting my progress every four weeks.

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