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My gains in the first 2 months of PE

My gains in the first 2 months of PE

After reading some info about PE I started my routine on July 14th 2002.It is working for me and I’m very glad for it because I found out who was telling the truth: all of you! Previously I’d read articles in the internet about penis size where some doctors were saying it was impossible to get a bigger penis and a man should accept the one he has.Now I know that’s not true :)
So here are my measurements NON BONE PRESSED:


Erect lenght: 5.9” ( 15cm )
Erect girth: 4.7” ( 12 cm )


Erect lenght: 6.3” ( 16 cm )
Erect girth: 4.7” (12 cm )


Erect lenght: 6.7” ( 17 cm )
Erect girth: 4.7” ( 12 cm )

I’m doing a 30/40 minute workout 6 days a week and at this stage I’m only trying to gain lenght since I don’t have much girth and it’s easier to get lenght. As soon as I reach 7.5” in lenght I’ll concentrate more on girth exercises.
By the way, my sister and my mother know that I’m up to something because I’m spending extra time on the bathroom and also in my bedroom with the door locked.I told them it’s some kind of experience but didn’t tell them what it really was/is.This way I can do my daily workout without being questioned all the time :)

I’ve been through a VERY LONG dry spell since June 2000 until early September 2002.Yes! 27 very hard and long months but I was waiting for a girl who really meant something to me and thank God I found her and she found me !!! Starting PE’ing in mid July was just in time… :)

I’m almost 22 yrs old and I’m looking forward to read your comments :)

By the way, I’m 5’2 ( 1.60 metres ) and I weight 53 kg.If my penis was proportional to my height and weight I’d probably measure 5.1” by 3.7”.So, my case is just another proof that there’s no relation between penis size and body size !!!

Thank you all for your posts and for the free information shared !!!


Your gains are excellent- congratulations! Yes, this is a free site but requires time from a lot of terrific people as well as money to keep the site up and running. If you feel this site is helping you to get that monster you have growing between your legs, you may want to consider donating to the forum to help with it’s upkeep. Continued good luck in your program :)


Great gains you have achieved, and in a very short time too!

I have been off PE-ing during the summer vacation due to lack of privacy but started again in the middle of August. So far I have not gained a mm, (PE for 3 months) although my junior is looking more “porno” with the veins more visible.

What kind of routine do you use?


Nice gains Gugugaa! Can you tell us what your routine is?

My routine

Hi everybody !

I do a 5 minute warm up but I don’t use a hot wrap.I fill a glass with hot water and put my penis inside it.This way I don’t leave the “trace” of a wet towel.

Then I stretch,in flaccid state, to the front,left side,right side and up each one lasting 30 seconds.Between each stretch I squeeze the head of the penis for 10/15 seconds so the blood accumulated on top of the head can leave that area.After the first 4 stretches I do 4 more again in the same order making a total of 8 30second stretches after the warm up.

Then I put baby oil in my penis so my hands can slide easily without hurting.I jelq only with one hand each time and do about 10 jelqs ,each one lasting 1 or 2 seconds,before I change to the other hand.I do 10 sets of 10, making it 100, and then stop and do 100 PC flexes.In the 50th and in the 100th I hold de PC muscle for about 30 seconds.

During the time I’m doing the PC flexes I loose part of the erection I gain during the 100 set of jelqs.Then I do 2 or 3 more 100 sets of jelqs making a total of 300 ou 400 jelqs per session with the 100 PC flexes every time I do 100 jelqs.
Sometimes I do a set of 10 jelqs with one hand and in the 10th I stretch and hold.

After the 300/400 jelqs I do a hot warm down for about 5 minutes and go to sleep.

I always try to do the sessions at night because it’s easier for the penis to heal from the exercises during sleep.

Another important thing is that when I’m jelqinq I’m looking at my penis and thinking : “grow…grow…grow…grow”.I think it can play an important role in my gains because I read somewhere that if we program our mind for our penis to grow it will be easier for it to grow.

After all,when I stretch and jelq, I believe that it’s growing and that makes it grow

Now the time I spend:

Hot warm up 5m
2 sets of 4 stretches 10m
300/400 jelqs with 100 PC flexes between each 100 jelqs 20/30m
Hot warm down 5m

Makes a total of 40 or 50 minutes per session.

Since July 14th the maximum number of days in a row without PE’ing has been 2 and it happened only 2 or 3 times.Normally I do 6 days and take 1 off.

I only measure from month to month because if I do it daily or weekly I get too anxious to see results and if for some reason I see little gains, my mind may think it’s not working.So I really think it’s better to measure monthly.

This is my routine described in the best way I can.I hope it can give you some tips but always remember that this routine is working with me but may not be the most efficient for you.All you have to do is try and see which routine works best for you.

Thanks for your support and keep posting so I can hear/read from you again.

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