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2 questions for vets

2 questions for vets

1) When you stop doing PE whether it’s a decon break or a permanent long term (years) break, how much length and girth is lost? From reading alot here, I would guess .5”. Is it fair to say if you want to have permanent 1.5 inch gain, you should try to gain 2 inches before you stop?

2) When finishing up with PE (having achieved goals) maintenance is necessary to avoid losing some gains, but how intense is a maintaining routine? How many days per week, what type of exercises etc?

I recently had a three month long decon break, and I didn’t lose any erect gains. But I lost about .75” of my flaccid gains (which I quickly re-gained when I started my routine again).

Judging from the evidence on this site you could never tell what happens when you quit for a longer period of time. Some people lose length, some lose girth, some lose both – and some people even get minor gains during longer breaks.

Thanks for the insight Vurpollon

I guess I’m more interested in the maintaining part long term after you stop the intense PE routines. This is hard to find information about I guess because when people go into this phase, they don’t post here any more? Will probably have to be another one of those things you learn for yourself and “find out what works best for you”.

I seem to be saying it a lot today, but everyone’s body is different :)

I quit for about 6 or 7 months and did no maintenance. I didn’t loose anything. Actually, I’ve still gaining since I’ve gotten back into it. Making me a believer in decon breaks…

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